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Lesley's learning journey, 13th January 2013

Getting out the pith helmet

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Lesley Shield
13 January 2013

Well, I've worked out that I haven't structured this as well as I might have done. Really, I should have created a new blog artefact and linked to it from here. Instead, it looks as though I'm going to have many clouds - they don't lend themselves to long entries, so individual musings per day. Why don't I create a blog? Because I already have a couple and I simply can't be bothered to set up yet another blog, particularly as it won't get used after the OLDS MOOC experience. Does that sound cynical? I reckon it's realistic. I know how I operate: I've had a lot of experience working with me and I don't feel the need to share my OLDS MOOC thoughts on a long term basis. I'm beginning to get the hang of this thing, I feel and I'm starting to consider the design aspects but maybe more from the point of view of what works for me rather than more generally. On the other hand, what this suggests is that the environment is sufficiently flexible to allow me to take my preferred approach, so maybe the mercury-like tendency to slide away when you think you've pinned it down is a benefit rather than the annoyance it feels like at present. Back to my question of yesterday - is a MOOC just a collection of loosely (or more tightly if there's an overarching goal) related collection of PLEs? And are these really PLEs or are they constrained by the artefacts suggested by the designers... A semi-structured VLE, maybe? So far, I haven't seen anything innovative or even new about this environment, We were doing similar things years ago but they didn't have a label! At least the fog is lifting, and that emphasises my view that it's essential to experience a tool or environment to design in a manner appropriate to it. This is not to promote technology-driven design; rather, it's a reflection that too many designers develop learning activities unsuited to where they take place. This may be something as simple as providing an instruction using inappropriate terms, but there's far too much of it about in my experience. It would be so easy to check things out before designing...

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Wouldn't it be lovely to have a wysiwyg interface? Maybe it's my browser, maybe it's my tablet, but none of my formatting is saved. Note to self: when choosing tools, remember to check them out in different contexts to avoid complaints from your audience.

Lesley Shield
09:06 on 13 January 2013

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