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Digital Identity and Social Media

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Jane Challinor
13 January 2013

I am particularly interested in helping students learn about online identity and how to use social media for effective collaboration and learning

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Helen Crump
12:16pm 13 January 2013

Hello Jane, I've found your cloud :)

In relation to the project, you might want to check out what @catherinecronin is doing with her IT students in NUI GAlway. I think we all must overlap in places. It's a professional skills module for IT students and Catherine has put a lot of the course online (IT students more than most I should think need to develop their online identity).

Jane Challinor
12:38pm 13 January 2013

Hi Helen

Thanks for the reminder - I knew I'd seen something recently and thought I remembered it being Catherine Cronin - I appreciate you posting the link. :)

Helen Crump
12:43pm 13 January 2013

Hello Jane

I think it might be a good idea if we stick around under this cloud for a while and see who (or whatelse) shows up. I notice that you have signposted others here.

Yes, this is all new to me too.

Art Oglesby
3:40pm 13 January 2013

Hi Jane,

I feel that how t establish a Digital Identity is important.

I bookmarked a post at Wired titled A Domain of One's Own.

As part of the first-year orientation, each student would pick a domain name. Over the course of the first year, in a set of lab seminars facilitated by instructional technologists, librarians, and faculty advisors from across the curriculum, students would build out their digital presences in an environment made of the medium of the web itself.

They would play with wikis and blogs; they would tinker and begin to assemble a platform to support their publishing, their archiving, their importing and exporting, their internal and external information connections. They would become, in myriad small but important ways, system administrators for their own digital lives. In short, students would build a personal cyberinfrastructure, one they would continue to modify and extend throughout their college career — and beyond.

In building that personal cyberinfrastructure, students not only would acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives but also would engage in work that provides richly teachable moments ranging from multimodal writing to information science, knowledge management, bibliographic instruction, and social networking.

I really like the concept of individuals broadcasting their work via RSS so that others can pull that info to embed within a larger work.

Dave Winer, the "inventor" of RSS, is working on a "World Outline" tool that is still being developed. I am anxious to try it out. Everyone's data is totally theirs (on their own server) but it embeds into the proper place within a World Wide Data Outline.

Jane Challinor
4:26pm 13 January 2013 (Edited 4:27pm 13 January 2013)

Hi Art

this is an exciting way forward - seems closely linked to the idea of a PLE which is something I have been interested in for a while.


Art Oglesby
7:59pm 13 January 2013


I  looked at the twitter hashtag #jiscdiglit which often has online identy links.


Helen Crump
10:03am 14 January 2013

Hello Digital Identity and Social Media People

At this moment I'm more enamoured of the idea of "enacting digital identity" as an approach. That is, when we use social media applications and digital tools to present ourselves online to our communities and peers and how to build a Personal Learning Network PLN as opposed to the nuts and bolts of creating a PLE. As well as how to smartly handle the amount of information available online.

I would be interested to develop something along the lines of Howard Rheingold's Social Media Syllabus and or from Jones' and Hafner's text book Understandiing Digital Literacies - A Practical Introduction 


Jane Challinor
10:11am 14 January 2013

Thanks Helen

I am learning so much from this discussion already. Are we a study circle do you think?? I just need time now to go read all these links. Sounds like the direction I'm headed.


Helen Crump
3:01pm 14 January 2013

Hi Jane

Happy to be in this in terms of a study circle too.


Claire Donlan
8:28pm 14 January 2013

Hello I'm interested in being part of this discussion / cloud / study circle. I would be interested in exploring PLEs and PLNs and the issues of digital identity within in them. Claire

Jane Challinor
10:35am 15 January 2013

Welcome aboard! have you visited the Digilit Study Circle?

Helen Crump
10:29pm 15 January 2013

Hello Jane

Can I check that you're happy to proceed along the lines of your original Dreambazaaar proposal  as the Digital Identity & Social Media project? I'm happy to collaborate on the project as it sounds similar to what I'm trying to design/interested in. However, at this stage my project is purely hyperthetical because I don't actually have any students in HE context. However, I think I've plenty of resources and some idea about Web 2.0 pedagogies appropriate for problem based learning  at undergrad level - need to learn the finer points of learning design.  I've looked at the course and have pretty much taken the decision to comit to the full 9 weeks. I suppose, it's your call if you decide to go ahead and progress as a team/ collaborative project. Might be fun.

The Digilit study circle is drawing the crowds.


Jane Challinor
10:54pm 15 January 2013

Hi Helen Yes that would be great. I feel very uncertain about what we are supposed to do but some sort of order is emerging out of the chaos. I joined the Ning site too - its all a bit overwhelming but I think joining forces sounds a good idea! This is a genuine commitment for me too as I want to change a module I am teaching,but I need to learn about design and appropriate pedagogy. Let's see how things go and maybe think about moving to a more conducive space for collaboration if necessary! Jane

Helen Crump
8:34am 16 January 2013

Marvellous, Jane.  I now feel like we can move forward out of what has been a particularly tricky process. I attended the convergence session yesterday. There was a bit of head scratching going off as to how to design a better way around this stage. I'm doing my best not to think about Cloudworks. I've pasted any links I need into Evernote and only go near the place from the comfort of my own, well I suppose PLE. Interesting that it came to that. Nightmare.

I have signed in over in the Digital Literacy in HE ning group. Maybe the Digilit study group will move over there. If you use Evernote I might suggest that we use that as acollabortaive space for the project. I've never used it to share anything but can highly recommend it for collecting resources, links and making notes/drafts. But I can just as easily use another tool of your choice.


Jane Challinor
1:23pm 16 January 2013

Hi Helen

I've never tried Evernote sharing either - would be good to experiment with. I do use it for notes and bookmarking sporadically - also Diigo which also has nice group/discussion tool. But let's stick with Evernote, it'll be good to try a new tool.

I think where Cloudworks mainly falls down is in notifications and organisation of clouds. I only see activity on my own clouds - why not on ones I have favourited or followed? Having to make decisions about which Cludscapes to add clouds to, remembering to fave or follow anything you want to keep track of - it is a real nightmare. Compare with ning for example!

Anyway, glad to get off this cloud and on to the project :)

Send me a link for Evernote (DM me on Twitter @virtualleader or email is fine)


Helen Crump
8:27pm 16 January 2013

Hi Jane Glad to get off this cloud, and any of the others. I'll be in touch after I 've written my reflection for this week. Then I'll be ready to move on to week two. Helen

Anthea Wilson
6:58pm 17 January 2013

Hi Helen, Jane (and Claire?)

I'm going to try and find you in Ning, although currentlyl I don't even know what that means! I have Evernote but have never really found a need for it, so perhaps that'll be a new tool to learn about.

Wish me luck...

Stephen Fells
3:18pm 20 January 2013

Hi Jane,

Our company is focusing on the same thing and are in dialogue with several educational organizations to explore collaboration. Our own focus is via a single Website that aggregates a students social media content and in doing so becomes their 'social' resume, online business card and hub for their digital identity. For an example see:

My direct email address is - would love to discuss this with you in more detail and get your feedback/thoughts if you can email me your contact info,


Art Oglesby
12:28am 23 January 2013

Hi all,

I went over to Ning and staked out some spaces.

I like the user interface.

I ran a Family Reunion community with about 100 members using Ning back when it was free.

Hope to see/hear you there.

ps check this out Peeragogy Handbook


Art Oglesby
9:40pm 25 January 2013

I was really happy to see this resource show  up today.

Resource: Digital Literacy Facilitation cards

I want to team up.  Where is the hangout.


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