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Tore Hoel: My dream: A simple notation for representing learning designs.

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Tore Hoel
13 January 2013

The very first slide in t he introduction Prezi had a statement on the new task of the university in the 21st century: "to teach how to collect, select, organize and criticize information thus turning it into knowledge" (Elkana & Klöpper, forthcoming). I don't think collect, select, organise and criticise is something new to 21st century skills. These activities have been core to HE teaching in all centuries. What's new is the need to be creative with information, to be involved in activities that are very much related to design itself.

My dream is - at some future point in time - to have methodologies, notations and interchangeable representations of learning activities that foster creativity.

The keyword here is representations, i.e. artefacts that you can share and inspire other teachers and learner how to initiate activities that will foster 21 century skills.

IMS Learning Design clearly did not deliver, being more in line with Instructional Design - teaching from a specific point of interest with a privileged position of knowing where the truth resided.

The Larnaca Declaration (James Dalziel) uses the analogy of musical notation as an indication of where to go. What I like about it is the observation that musical notations are fuzzy, giving the musician the challenge to be creative and give his interpretation. However, the Declaration - in my opinion - does not really deliver in show how this analogy should be worked into a solid representation of learning designs.

I would like to explore more how this could be understood and done. It is a dream that I don't have the knowledge and skills to make come true. But, most of my dreams are in this vain, so nothing new there!

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Christie McKee
9:02pm 13 January 2013

Please see:

and my proposal

...trying to build a team if you are interested...maybe our ideas can be brought together into one

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