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Juliet Hinrichsen: Representation and Modelling of Learning Designs

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Juliet Hinrichsen
13 January 2013

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Juliet Hinrichsen: Representation and Modelling of Learning Design Context We don’t currently have very sophisticated (or even useful) ways of describing pedagogical and technical features of e-learning, either at the course or activity level. IMS Learning Design roles don’t necessarily suit, and the typical semantic descriptions of institutional and QA documentation are inadequate and fundamentally problematic. I have been worrying at this for some time and it would be a nice opportunity to revisit the problem with others. The Challenge To explore potential approaches to representaiton of virtual teaching and/or virtual learning with a view to developing a useful tool. How you might go about bringing that change In the past I have developed two different tools. One was a simple form-based approach used when I was at University of Derby producing quite a high volume of online programmes. The other came about while working on a JISC project, in which we produced a cross-walk of IMS Learning Design and the LOM (Learning Object Metadata). The emphasis of both was on useability by the tutor and pedagogical description. Of course the technology has developed and new issues of representation are emerging, such as immersion, gaming and co-creation.

Juliet Hinrichsen
16:02 on 14 January 2013

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Simon Walker
7:52pm 13 January 2013

Thanks for posting, Juliette...could you say more about the project and waht you hope to get from it?

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