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Daniel Staemmler: My dream: Design a webinar on how to design an engaging webinar

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Daniel Staemmler
13 January 2013

My situation:

Most of our online education happens by using webinars which are held at a certain time live. The lecturer/ professor sits in front of his computer with the webcam on and presents his PPT-slides while the students are watching. Our students are professionals working during daytime and taking part after work in the lectures. For now we are using Adobe Connect as a virtual classroom platform. Most of the lecturers are busy with their regular day to day jobs and don't have much time to think about the difference of presenting in  an online environment to a regular f2f classroom setting. Most live sessions last 90 minutes and the PPt slides are being posted on our internal student website. There also is a task posted for the students to recap the live-session and think about what they learned.

The change I would like to see:

I would like the webinars, which are pretty long with 90 minutes length to be more engaging and interactive for the students. Hereby needs to be taken into consideration that the students can only chat with the lecturer and maybe use other functions of the virtual classroom software. the challenge is that the students don't have the option for now to use audio and/ or video to converse with each other nor with the lecturer.
I also would like to see that lecturers are being briefed accordingly and take the time to consider the options the software offers and others to keep the students engaged.

How I might tackle this to bring the change:

Develop a curriculum for lecturers/ techers/ professors that shows them what has to be taken into consideration delivering a presentation as a webinar. Also familiarizing them with the options available that the software has they are using. More so, to keep the outcome of this proposed project generic, giving them some pointers on how to keep students engaged and incorporate them during a 90 minute presentation.

I hope that some of you are interested in working together with on this project. To state your interest please leave a comment below.

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Darren Gash
1:21pm 14 January 2013

Hi Daniel. I'm interested in your project - i've done a couple of conference workshops under the title of "supporting the transition from the physical to the virtual classroom". See for copies of the presentations

Daniel Staemmler
1:29pm 14 January 2013

Hi Darren,

it wold be gresat to form a team with you and work on the transformation from a physical to a virtual classroom/ webinar/ seminar.
Maybe we can try to incorporate my part itno your proposed project and therefore we all get something out of this. What do you think?

Cheers, Daniel

Darren Gash
5:21pm 14 January 2013

Hi Daniel. My own project is a blended learning redesign i'm working on with programme managers at Surrey University where I work, and this won't involve any use of virtual classrooms. Having said that i'm happy to contribute ideas and help out for your own project e.g. as part of a team or study circle whichever is most appropriate for you.

Carolyn Gregoire
7:20pm 14 January 2013

Hi Daniel,

I'd be interested in participating in this project.  My team does face-to-face training sessions with organizations and the general public, but there is more demand than we can handle so we're looking at piloting some webinars on our most popular topics.  Most of our trainers are not in the education field, and I think this project would be very valuable for them.

About me: Most of my experience is in designing eLearning courses and videos for the education sector and the generaly public. I have designed and hosted several webinars, but they were less formal than those that would be used for HE.

Penny Bentley
3:55am 16 January 2013

Hi Daniel

Paige Cuffe and myself have been chatting about similar ideas to yours. 

Here's my proposal

Daniel Staemmler
8:21am 16 January 2013 (Edited 8:22am 16 January 2013)

Hi Penny,

I did set up a study group on Google+ to join forces. If you get a chance browse by and join. All others are invited as well -

Cheers, Daniel

Helen Whitehead
8:42pm 16 January 2013

Interstingly this week I just started teaching an online course in how to run webinars with students - it's built around 4 webinars / online sessions and a Moodle space.  Very interested to hear your plans. 


Kathy Jackson
4:44pm 17 January 2013


This topic is a good one and I am interested in joining in. I have experience facilitating online "classes" about online teaching and learning for faculty. I haven't, however, done much with webinars.


Daniel Staemmler
5:09pm 17 January 2013

Hi Kathy,

just sent you an invite to join me and other interested MOOCers in the webinar project/ study group.

Cheers, Daniel

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