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OLD MOOC 2013 - Learning Journal - Tom Preskett

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Tom Preskett
13 January 2013

OLD MOOC 2013 - Learning Journal - Tom Preskett

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Tom Preskett
2:14pm 13 January 2013

My objectives for week 1:

  • Become familiar with the structure and way of working on the OLD MOOC
  • Become familiar with the Cloudscapes learning environment 
  • Work out how I'm going to engage with this course
  • Work out whether I want to continue with this course.

Tom Preskett
4:00pm 13 January 2013

Reproduction of post in Week 1 discussion:


Much to reflect on in the prezi and this discussion.  Having simply gone through it all once I haven't had time to reflect and properly take it all in. 
My immediate reflections:
- The structure of this MOOC seems to be a amalgamation of different frameworks, some of which are involved in this course.  Is this is a compromise reached following careful discussion or something I can read about in one of the papers?
- From my experience, a deliberate process of learning design is something that happens less at HE than at school age formal education.  If there is research that says to the contrary then I challenge this (anecdotally).  This is relevant because the important ideas raised here are important only if we can establish learning design as fundamental to the formal education process at HE level.
- The curation argument of HE is a good one.  Without HE, its a tough ask for many learners to be able to find and identify the right content, the right ideas to consume.  However, more important is the facilitation of the learning.  Good learning design is what will save HE.  If you are just standing up and lecturing in a didactic fashion the added value factor of an HE institution is minimal.  If you scaffold and facilitate the learning then HE remains important and indispensible.
- Finally, the usability of cloudscapes could be better.  I'm still not clear how it all works. 

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