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Cluster analysis of views and claims

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Martin Weller
14 April 2008

In this activity I gave the students 16 claims that had been made about e-learning (both positive and negative), e.g. 'it will be more cost efficient', 'It will lead to the commercialisation of all education', etc. They were asked to group two or more claims together and say why they thought they were similar, giving five clusters in total. Any claim may appear in more than one group, and they do not have to include every claim. They are then asked to reflect and discuss the reasons they have given for grouping the claims. This can be done using paper, word, or a Flash based interactive game. It could apply to many domains, not just elearning.

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John Kuti
1:47pm 12 April 2010

This set-up can be the raw material for a mind-mapping exercise. (familiarising students with Compendium for example) The restrictions: 5 clusters for 16 objects sound about right for a lot of controversies.

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