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My dream: Photography Learning online

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Adelaide Dias
13 January 2013

Photography and Video Learning online


My Situation (Context)

Photography is a area that is on my personal day to day and school and accompanying me a few years ago. So, i liked to do a project about this. Speaking about the evolution of photography, (the analog to digital), which use; highlight techniques; once that with digital, photography techniques are no longer a concern previous to photography but later.


The Change I Would Like To See (Challenge)

I will like to see that it´s possible teach and learn through teaching photography online and thus see people more interested in the techniques of photography and worried about making a good photograph. After I will like to give training in eLearning and enable people to learn a little more about this area without having to travel, because this issue is still considered a hindrance to learning.


How I Might Go About Bringing That Change

What will be the most suitable pedagogical methods for teaching photography without being in person with the student? Through MOOC I intend to achieve to answer my question.


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