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Deborah Arnold
13 January 2013

Thinking about my learning journey and the song Voyage, voyage comes to mind! Why, I wonder? First of all, the song was a hit in 1986, the year I started university (for the first time, my learning journey is a liffelong one).  It's also an example of a French song which broke down language and cultural barriers to be a hit in several countries. As I am originally British, living and working in France (for over 20 years) I consider it to be particularly appropriate on a personal level, and taking this one step further, can almost see it as a metaphor for this MOOC.

So where am I at on this journey?

Today (Sunday Jan 13th) is the first day I've really been able to sit down and get to grips with everything we need to do. The week 1 page on the website is my main reference and I like the day to day breakdown. Without that I would be totally lost! I realise I'm still doing Thursday activities although there is recognition that many of us with full time jobs and other commitments will not be able to devote much time during the week to study and activities.

Getting started was not easy, but I'm trying to work methodically through the tasks and to reflect on my time management. I'm looking forward to the 'content' now and think that once I've engaged in some more in-depth discussion with the other participants I'll be ready to make that step to set aside sufficient each day to keep up.

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