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Cecilia Bernal
13 January 2013


  • Define the concept of Learning Design
  • Understand how Cloudworks platform works
  • Introduce myself and meet people with similar interests
  • Join a Learning Project


  • INTRODUCTION: I watched Yishay Mor’s presentation and read Larnaca Declaration 2012. I’m trying to understand the concept of Learning Design, which is new topic for me, I had heard about it but were more focused on Instructional Design, so. I’m still confuse about the difference between LD and ID, but I’m sure by the time I finished this MOOC, it will be all clear.
  • CLOUDWORKS: I find this platform not easy to deal with, I’m used to traditional LMS, so sometimes I get lost, not sure how to get to the right place, or set up clouds correctly.
  • SET UP YOUR PERSONAL PLACE. As I said before, I’m still learning about Cloudworks functions, but I was able to set my profile. I also updated my G+ Profile and follow OLDS MOOC news there.

          I joined OLDS MOOC Google Open Group  where I answered What do you hope to get out of this MOOC?    I also joined OLDS MOOC G+ Group

  • TEAM UP: although I don’t have a project by the moment, I searched DreamBazaar and joined Sherly William’s project “Will this help me learn” . I find it very interesting, it is about how HE students can enhance their search by evaluating right online resources.
  • STUDY CIRCLE: I joined OLDS MOOC Open study Group set up by Chris Basson
  •  I wasn’t able to watch Week 1 Converge Hangout, with a full time job, I find difficult to have not enough time for reading and participating in everything. Some days I feel overwhelmed by daily activities, but reading other’s opinions; feel I’m not the only one in this situation.. I’m very enthusiastic and looking forward to continue learning in this experience.

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