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Deborah Arnold: Dream 1: revamping online course / Dream 2: improving staff development programme

Two proposals for projects I would like to work on

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Deborah Arnold
13 January 2013

Dream N°1 : online course on social media for learning

I currently teach a 12-week totally online module on social media for teaching and learning, on the AIGEME Masters course for Université Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle, with an international French-speaking intake of students. I co-teach this module with a great colleague based in Morocco. Until recently, the course was split in two parts, web 2.0 and analysis of educational media.

This year we have revamped the course to improve the integration of the two parts and to get the students using a specific Twitter hashtag for the course combined with content curation via This revamp was the result of a joint reflection between my colleague and myself, but I would now like to apply what we will be learning in the OLDSMOOC to validate and improve these design choices. I suppose what I'm really looking for is a solid framework and for exchanges with others involved in a similar process.

Dream N°2: improve our staff development programme in teaching and learning innovation through the use of learning technology.

When I arrived at the University of Burgundy a year ago, there was a sound staff development programme already in place, but for the areas dealt with by my department, the focus was mainly on tools (Moodle, podcasts, webconferencing..). We are gradually shifting the focus to 'pedagogical use' and have developed a course we co-run with the pedagogical innovation department, in which the starting point is the pedagogical scenario (project-based learning, collaborative learning...), bringing in the technology as a way of supporting these approaches. The first session is to take place on January 31st, so we still have a bit of time to refine the design, and this is where I hope the OLDSMOOC will come in handy! It will also help us in the evaluation stage. So again, if anyone else is working on staff development programmes in the field of learning technology, then let's team up!


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Michele Drechsler
8:44pm 23 January 2013

"So again, if anyone else is working on staff development programmes in the field of learning technology, then let's team up!"


 I am working on staff development programmes for teachers at primary schools ( in France).

I would like to develop a Mooc to developp teachers skills about designing learning environments at  primary schools. ( with ICT).

Could we collaborate ?

Kind regards

Michèle Drechsler

Deborah Arnold
7:10pm 24 January 2013

Hi Michèle,

I know you as we've been connected in various social networks for several years, though I don't think we've ever actually met, have we?!

My focus is really on Higher Education and I know there are plans for a MOOC on the subject soon at national level. A lot of what we're learning here would be useful there, though I think any collaboration we might have would have to be on a very general level as the sectors are so different. We might compare approaches to context I suppose.

However to be honest I have very little time to spend on OLDSMOOC, less and less as the weeks go by in fact, so I'm having to redefine my participation. I think I'm going to have to be a bit of a squirrel, gathering knowledge and storing it away until I can and really need to use it!

Let's keep in touch anyway and maybe our paths will cross in France some day soon.

All the best,


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