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Forum theatre online

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Brian Robertson
13 January 2013

This is just a vague idea at the moment but I wonder how the forum theatre technique could be applied online, in a MOOC perhaps.

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Caroline Cash
4:15pm 14 January 2013

This sounds a very interesting project and I would be interested in knowing more. I am quite curious as to how the principles of Forum Theatre might actually shape an understanding of teaching and learning (I speak here as an educational developer). 

I look forward to hearing more about your approach.



Brian Robertson
7:57pm 14 January 2013

Hi Caro

i've only been involved in proper forum theatre a couple of times as a participant in awareness raising campaigns related to disability and employment in Edinburgh (where I live and work in employability).  Previous to that I have experience of interactive theatre (involving the audience directly a la pantomime) for students learning English in Spain. 

As I said, my intitial thoughts are pretty vague but the issue based work that can be done with form theatre is excellent and, usually, very effective.  This is why I thought of the idea of an  online version.  In this context the pedagogical instruments utilised might be avatars in online situations especially created for the purpose of learning.

In the context of teaching and learning I guess the situations created could be placed in the educational  setting with participants adopting an avatar in the replay once the story has been told (e.g. a normally alert student becoming distracted ove a period of time and how does the educator deal with the issue), and re-acting the situation to a, possibly, different ending a la forum theatre.

Still an idea in the making but I thank you for your interest as it's just given me a bit more stimulus.  If you're interested further ideas would be most welcome.




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