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Carolina Caldeira: My dream: Learning design project proposal

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Carolina V Caldeira
13 January 2013

Your situation

The school is the space (physical or otherwise) institutionalized knowledge and learning. This learning takes place through interaction between members of the school community (students, teachers, governing body, community, etc.).. The school as an institution has in its primary function educate. In this context the school organization is needed to coordinate the various actors with their various fronts performances and people management that occur within the school.


Most of the schools


The change you would like to see (challenge)

This reality of contemporary society demand new learning processes. The current educational scenario points to a clientele of students within the context of the "information society" and "cyber" increasingly acquainted communication technologies, which in the context of learning is in the classroom, or in virtual spaces could enhance learning in conjunction with teachers and possible processes of research, communication and interaction in collaborative learning.



Collaborative learning


How you might go about bringing that change

The application of new information and communication technologies in education has been changing the landscape of the educational system and, therefore, we can speak of a kind of class before and after the dissemination of courses using integrated media technologies and advanced digital communication



Diversification of education spaces:  as social media




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Manuel Augusto Alves Lousa
8:33pm 16 January 2013

May I join your learning design project?

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