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Doug: Open and online teaching and learning support for faculty, tutors, & students

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Doug Holton
13 January 2013

A few organizations within universities are very important for helping faculty and students improve their teaching and learning, such as 1) centers for teaching & learning, 2) tutoring centers, and 3) IT departments.

They may provide excellent workshops and training on their campus, but often only a minority of faculty or students have the time or will to attend those sessions.  At our university, for example, fewer than 20% of faculty ever attend faculty development (called academic development in Europe) sessions, and even fewer students ever visit the tutoring center (and our IT department doesn't even do any technology training, so that would be 0%).

Online resources and tutorials and training/workshops can help reach that part of the audience, and some centers do put resources on their websites (our university IT department disallows us from creating our own websites - even blogs or google sites).  But the quality and comprehensiveness of the resources varies from site to site, the resources are scattered around the web, and most of the resources are not openly licensed so that others can use them or improve upon them.

So the idea is very simple, but very large - create an open, online (or 'virtual') center for teaching and learning support, with all the resources openly licensed, and not connected to a particular university.  It wouldn't necessarily involve MOOCs - a lot of it could be self-paced resources, with supplemental social support via social networking tools.

Anyway I already have made some resources, and I have notes on things needed to be covered, and links to similar sites and resources that can be used.  I'm working on how to do it in a scalable way as cheaply as possible - for example using google apps and PAAS hosting (platform-as-a-service sites such as openshift, heroku, and google appengine).  For now I need to do more planning, and this summer I hope to have more time to start really developing and implementing it.

Example topics:

  • intro to college teaching
  • how people learn
  • study skills & time management
  • flipping the classroom


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Art Oglesby
6:41pm 14 January 2013


I was just at your EdTechDev website.

Your MOOLE concept is what I would like, too.

Dynamic (on going and constantly improving), Open (and open sourced), Sustainable (and hopefully mostly free).

I'll be back after I digesting more of what is on your site.


Karen Ferreira-Meyers
12:07pm 17 January 2013

So needed! Thanks for including this dream!

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