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Auld Reekie Learners

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Brian Robertson
13 January 2013

An OLDS MOOC study circle for anyone living in the Edinburgh area.

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Ronald Macintyre
7:55pm 14 January 2013

Hi Brian, I do not live in Edinburgh but I do come to Edinburgh sometimes for work,  thought it might be useful to be in a "local" circle



PS I live in the NW Highlands, local is relative

Brian Robertson
8:19pm 14 January 2013

Hi Ronald

So far you're the only person to respond.  Maybe we should call it Auld Reekie Caledonia or Scotia Nostra or something (I'm from Glasgow, been doing missionary work ;) unsuccessfully in Edinburgh for more years than I can remember).

Yeah, if you're coming to Edinburgh let me know and we could meet up and chew the fat about OLDS MOOC.

This is my second MOOC.  My first (Designing a New Learning Environment through Stanford's ) finished a few weeks ago.  I was working with a guy from India and the thing that struck me was that here I was working on a project with someone that I'll probably never manage to shake hands with, but getting along fine.  It was both scary and stimulating at the same time.



Claire Donlan
8:38pm 14 January 2013

Hello Can I join your study circle? I live and work in Edinburgh Claire

Brian Robertson
10:03pm 14 January 2013

hi Claire

Of course you can. What do you work at in Edinburgh?

I think the first thing we have to do with these study circles is actually figure out what we're doing.  Any suggestions more than welcome.



bronagh power
3:36pm 15 January 2013

Hi Folks, I too am in Edinburgh (with the OU in Scotland, Drumsheugh Gardens). Happy to have a get together to figure all out and even happy to host here if that suited all. I have tentatively signed up to a group about teaching teachers to teach online but don't think there is any conflict of interest. Have found the experience to date a little bewildering/overwhelming, so would be happy to have a few people to bounce ideas off 




Michael Bromby
4:02pm 15 January 2013

I live in Stirling and work in Glasgow/York so pass through Edinburgh (often at the Law Society opposite OU - Bronagh Power).

I think it might be interesting/useful to meet in person face-to-face one evening or afternoon or whatever - any thoughts?

Brian Robertson
7:28pm 15 January 2013

Hi Folks

Looks like there's about 5 of us.  I'd say that constitutes a group/circle.  Bronagh, that sounds a brilliant offer.  Does anyone have any times/dates that suit in the coming week or so.  I'm usually fine any evening/weekend and on Friday afternoons but if more suitable meet up without me,  If not we could try a google hangout?



Ronald Macintyre
9:46am 16 January 2013

I was in the google hangout yesterday, and I have to say it was very good, so perhaps that is an option





Brian Robertson
8:24pm 16 January 2013

I'm happy to give the google hangout a go, even if it's just a couple of us.  I think part of the learning on this MOOC, for lots of people anyway, is getting to grips with the technology.  I suggest we all have a go at setting up a hangout (at different times) so that we all get to learn something useful.

We'll probably need to set up a group on google as backup.  I'm happy to do that and attempt to work out the hangouts thing.  Any takers?

How about half an hour on Sunday around 2pm?

Brian Robertson
8:53pm 16 January 2013

Auld Reekie Learners group link.  This might make things easier


Caroline Roberts
2:14pm 18 January 2013 (Edited 3:21pm 18 January 2013)

Hello all Auld Reekies

I am in Dundee, working at the University of Dundee. Is this close enough to Edinburgh to qualify?  I am still trying to find my way around all the web applications and haven't created a proposal yet.  The thrust of my work at the moment is staff development particularly in use of MyDundee (our Blackboard VLE), so I would be looking for a topic in this area.

Can I join your study circle?  Best time for availability for me is 5pm to 7pm Mon, Wed, Thurs each week. As this is the time I have set aside for the MOOC.
Best Wishes


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