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Learning model and Sociology of Sport

Looking for a drawing of teaching Sociology of Sport

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Mara Lucia Cristan
13 January 2013

Being the first MOOC which partiparei, I try to enjoy my experi-ence as a teacher for 20 years within the Physical Education course at university, my area of ​​specialty is the sociology of sport, and I intend to begin a transformation of my teaching practice.

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Mara Lucia Cristan
10:56pm 13 January 2013

This article presents the experience that took place in two MOOCs, and the present study retains only part of structuring a PLE that seek to solve the problems and challenge proposed by Massives Open Online Courses. MOOCs being a novelty that expands from 2008, and aiming a good student performance and better use of what we can learn them, it is important that there is a safe environment where participants feel valued and encouraged to seek the scaffolding learning.

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