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OLD MOOC - Adult Education Team Overview

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Alan Clarke
13 January 2013

Core Motivation of the Project

To assist the adoption of online learning approaches to adult and community learning so that it can overcome some of the barriers that adults face in accessing learning through developing an online learning design model 


Adult and community learning is a sector that is characterised by:

  1. Limited resources (e.g. often education is provided in community venues such as village halls)
  2. Limited experience of online learning although a reasonable understanding of some forms of blended learning (e.g. use of digital cameras)
  3. Limited expertise in online learning amongst teachers who are frequently part-time
  4. Learners who are returning to education after a gap (often decades) and often have few study skills.
  5. Learners have frequently had poor experience of traditional forms of education
  6. Adult and community learning often reaches learners that other approaches does not




There are a range of challenges some of which may also be solutions such as:

  1. Utilising the learners ownership of devices such as smart phones?
  2. Deciding what are the good habits that adult learners need?
  3. Deciding what are the good habits that adult tutors need?
  4. Deciding what are the minimum learning design skills that will help tutors succeed?
  5. Overcoming the lack of resources through use of open education resources and open education applications and tools?

These are my initial thoughts and I suggest that you amend, add to them or comment on them so that we can develop an agreed outline.

Extra content

Constructing Online Learning


Online learning is growing very rapidly in many different education and training sectors. Many universities are now offering online programmes including free large scale courses called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as well as multinational companies who employ online learning to allow ease of access to training for all their staff.  The reasons suggested include factors such as the availability of technology, the flexibility of delivery offering learners more choice and the potential to improve the quality of delivery. There are similarities and differences between online and traditional forms of learning and we are still learning how to design online learning. However, the fundamentals are clear.  The workshop will have a learning focus and will explore some of the key factors in developing an online course. It will include:


  • What is online learning?
  • Benefits of Online Learning
  • Limitations of Online learning
  • Who are the learners? What do they need?
  • Learning support – moderation and facilitation – peer support
  • Collaboration and co-operation
  • Reflection
  • Assessment – formative and summative


What are the implications of your decisions?



  • What is online learning?


  1. Blended face to face with online communications
  2. Informal peer communications between face to face sessions
  3. Distance learning – everything online
  4. All possible permutations of face to face and fully online



  • Benefits of Online Learning


  1. Flexibility – freedom to study where, when and how learners prefers – is this available in all cases or desirable?
  2. Collect digital evidence of achievement for e-portfolios


  • Limitations of Online learning


  1. What are the main limitations of online learning?
  2. What are the changes in limitations of the different types of online learning?



  • Who are the learners? What do they need?


  1. What is the effect of different groups of learners on online learning?
  2. What level of learning skills do online learners need? Are they different from face-to-face learners?
  3. What level of technical skills do online learners need?



  • Learning support – moderation and facilitation – peer support


  1. What is the balance between tutor, peer and independent support?
  2. How best to provide support?
  3. What level of facilitation/moderation do online learners need?







  • Collaboration and co-operation


  1. What is the balance between collaborative, co-operative and individual learning?



  • Reflection


  1. How to develop reflective learning skills? Are blogs the answer?
  2. Should blogs be private or shared with learning group, tutors, selected people or the world?




  • Assessment – formative and summative


  1. What is the best way of providing formative feedback?
  2. How do you summatively assess an online course (e.g. e-portfolio)?




Alan Clarke
12:08 on 15 January 2013

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Alan Clarke
9:55pm 13 January 2013

Hi Sandie, Derek and Juliana

I have just set up the basic outline. I am short of time until Monday evening or Tuesday. I am just completing some marking so I will attempt to provide the outline  of the project then but feel free to add your own thoughts if you have time.

Best Wishes


Alan Clarke
12:12pm 15 January 2013

Hi Sandie, Derek and Juliana

I have entered a brief rough outline of the project please amend, comment or change it so that we can develop an agree outline. I have also pasted in a handout I used with adult tutors/managers at a recent digital conference. The group were fairly good cross section of tutors with an interest and some skills in e-learning and they found most of the issues relevant to them and had limited understanding of them in an online context.



Sandie Gay
9:21pm 18 January 2013

Hello Alan I have found my way here, thanks for your message. Will consider your outline, read the handout and add thoughts. Sandie

Alan Clarke
1:27pm 19 January 2013

Hi Sandie

This environment is not easy to navigate with any certainty



Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli
3:28pm 20 January 2013 (Edited 3:33pm 20 January 2013)

Hi Alan, Sandie, Derek

I made a proposal on Alan's Scenario Cloud:

I think my proposal could address some of the issues that characterize adults education. However, I don't know in which extent the proposal address the challenges set by Alan. I made a comment specifically on that, always in the Scenario Cloud.

I would suggest to paste the links or perhaps we could create a google groups just to send announcements of new things added. I completely lost your last part of the work Alan, just because I was following the wrong path.

I added now the new clouds and spaces you created, but I'm still uncertain when new things are being put.

I rather busy on Monday, but I will follow your comments and changes on Tuesday.



Alan Clarke
4:49pm 20 January 2013

Hi Juliana

Cloudworks is not  good enironment to keep track of developments. I m about to start marking exams so my time this week will be restricted. I am not sure when I will have timeto do much but everyon should feel free to contribute.




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