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My MOOCing Journal

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Kathy Jackson
13 January 2013

At this point, I was hoping I would have something insightful to add. But so far that isn't the case. I seem to lag when it comes to getting involved in an endeavor like this one. My intentions were to do more at the office, but then new expectations came my way and it didn't happen. I will do what I can to hurry up and jump in!

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I just read that I was to introduce myself. Hi. I'm a senior research associate at Penn State's Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence. My days are spent thinking about teaching and learning and assisting faculty as they plan and deliver instruction. I also work with them on scholarship of teahcing and learning activities. One neat research project that I am working on with two others looks at the impact of fun on students' perceptions of learning. It was a hurdle just to be able to opertionalize the term fun and once we came to terms with that, we created a questionnaire that has been taken by approximately 800 students. Data analysis is our next step. I am fortunate to have a job like I do and to be able to work at a fine university among many thoughtful thinkers. 

Kathy Jackson
22:59 on 13 January 2013

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