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Introducing Meg from Melbourne

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Meg Colasante
13 January 2013

(copied from my Learning Journal to go to 'Intro' cloudscape... where I think I was meant to put it initially...)

Introducing me:

I'm one of several ppl scattered across RMIT UNIVERSITY who have signed up for this MOOC, most of who have ED TECH and/or LEARNING DESIGN related roles. RMIT is in the magnificent MELBOURNE, Australia.  We in Australia are unfortunately having a pretty nasty bushfire season, and are seriously hoping not to experience another 'Black Saturday' event.

I am an EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPER, in the College of Science, Engineering and Health - the most cool and interesting collection of faculty in the Uni :-). We have students across the 3 tertiary sectors of undergraduate, postgraduate, and TAFE (aka: vocational/college/polytechnic). My main role is learning design, evolved from instructional design, and supporting (and generating) learning options using educational technology and all that goes with that such as workshops, seminars, etc, etc.

This is MY FIRST MOOC, but I have studied online before and had positive experiences and outcomes. I have also taught online in disant and hybrid / blended models (and I'm currently in a 'missing my students' phase, so it must be time to think about a little bit of teaching again...)

Location Tags?

Travel to present at ed tech conferences, etc, has led me to meet some amazing ppl in various locations doing great things in ed tech and learning design, and I propose (or I might even 'do' as I see I can...) add tags of location. For eg, as a start, a 'Melbourne' tag so I can easily find my local connections, but then I want to reach out to a wide global representation of ppl (I learn more that way... provides another slice of 'context'...). I'll start - then see if it takes off...

Happy to be here with you all! Meg :-)

PS: Why does MY PIC show me in UK and not in Melb? I had my first visit to London and surrounds in 2012 & I like this blue sky pic of me at Stonehenge

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