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Tony Gleeson - My dream - simple motivator activities that engage everyone

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Tony Gleeson
13 January 2013

Like to work with the basics, mainly because novice users are often confronted by techno glitz and noise.


I wish to work with at least one other from this MOOC on a simple project that:


  • motivates
  • makes activity engaging and enjoyable
  • not too hard and not too easy - a reasonable challenge
  • some peer critique
  • shared learning experience

 Anyone interested?


I am not looking at changing much - not within the next couple of months,


I want to embed a templatable solution that is extensible and in a learning object format - perhaps with simple media - an mp3 or 1 mb video, but with group solutions to questions posed.

learner centric - group solutions, peer questions and answers ...


simple manageable technologies only - nothing too wild like 3d animations, 2nd life, scenerio based software, games etc.


Just a forum style so that solutions evolve via contributary, stimulating text based narratives.


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Leslie Jacobs Cowley
4:46am 14 January 2013

Hi Tony, I'd like to team up with you if that's okay with you. I'm extremely busy at work and can only work on this course at home and my time there is limited as I work away from home 3 days a week, so if you don't mind me playing catch-up most of the time I'd like to join you.


Les Cowley


Fawei Geng
5:08pm 14 January 2013

Hi Tony and Leslie,

My project has similar elements to yours. It aims to create an online space where staff can share their successful stories of using learning technologies and help each other.  The project details:  <a href=“”></a>

If you like, maybe we can team up?

BTW, I have set up a circle here - <a href =“></a>.  You are welcome to join.


Tony Gleeson
3:43am 15 January 2013

Hi Leslie and Fawei,

Fantastic, I would be delighted to form a team where we can collaborate on our similiar ambitions.

No problem with the time issues as I know that we are all busy, we can achieve what we can in the couple of months ahead.

I think that we might begin by aligning ideas around the use of Fawei's collection of success stories (and repository) and then perhaps trial some of these - or extend the ones that appear within reach of us all with timing, technical capacity etc.

I guess a logical place to begin would be to declare a work space.

Would you prefer a cloud or a google group.





Tony Gleeson
4:34am 15 January 2013



I think I have done this correctly


I have a cloudscape 


with a collaboration cloud in it that we can use




Michael Bromby
11:46am 15 January 2013

Hey guys - coming a bit late to this MOOC as I'm working full time and tend to take the weekends off.  I'm interested in the initial proposal from Tony with the 'simple' low-tech proposal as I'm interested in how to motivate students who study law for a non-law degree (such as bioscience, health, computers/IT etc) where there is a reasonable challenge but not too difficult so they disengage.

Room for another in the study group? I'm somewhat lost with the structure of all this, but feeling my way around and more confident that yesterday or last week!  My challenge is that I will often be working 'mobile' from home, train, various locations with an iPad or occasionally PC so I'm also interested in mobile learning.

Natasa Bozic Grojic
1:23am 16 January 2013

My idea was to create blogging challenges for teachers of English as a foreign language. The challenges would motivate them and make them reflect on their practice. I didn't develop it very well in the Dreambazaar, as the idea is still cooking in my head, but here's the link anyway: . Do you guys think I could join you, as all our ideas turn around motivating people? I like the flexibility of this group. 

Tony Gleeson
1:49am 16 January 2013 (Edited 3:09am 17 January 2013)

Hi Michael and Natasa,

You are most welcome to join this group.

I think that we are all at a very early stage of where we can develop a cohesive project and plan it out, create it and test it as a learning design.

It does seem that we have some opportunities already:


  • Natasa: English as a foreign lenguage
  • Michael: Teaching Law to non degree Law Students
  • Fawei: success repository
  • Leslie: non specific
  • Tony: non specific


The question becomes 'which project do we move with'  as a collaboration, OR support each other in developing our own design. I don't have a preference

I have a cloudscape that you all have access to: 




Michael Bromby
8:53am 16 January 2013

I wasn't sure if we work on one project as a team, or simply team up to work on individual projects.  If we're doing the former, than happy to go with some-one else's suggestion as mine is quite discipline-specific and might bore you all to a slow death if we all work on it!  Maybe it will all become clear in week 2!

Nice to 'meet' you all - here's to an exciting time with the MOOC (when we have time for it!).

Tony Gleeson
3:07am 17 January 2013

Hi Michael,

My apologies,

I think that you are right - individual or in collaboration,



Natasa Bozic Grojic
11:55pm 17 January 2013

Hi Tony and all,

If it turns out that we have to do the project in collaboration, I don't mind doing a non specific project. I suppose that, if we create something general, everyone will be able to fit in.

If we can go on and pursue our individual topics, we can still collaborate. 

Tony, thanks for setting the Cloudworks. I joined.


Manuel Augusto Alves Lousa
5:00pm 20 January 2013

Hi, Tony. I loved your project. I've decided to follow your cloud, cause "My dream" is very similar to yours.  I'm a Portuguese Maths teacher and my goal is  to make my students use technology in order to develop skills. 


Tell me where I can discuss with the group, whether in the cloud or in Google, please.


Mellisa Azore-Edwards
3:54pm 22 January 2013



I have come realy late to this but would be happy to contribute to this groupif appropraite. I was caught out by snow and other issues. I can work n this now.



Tony Gleeson
11:17pm 22 January 2013

Hi Mellisa and Manuel,

I have added you to the design group:

It is a closed group so we can be assured that our work is kept private until we need to go public.

As yet there hasen't been much chatter, context or design coming through.

Any thoughts on how to engage the group - any ideas on design, furthering our own ambitions.



Tony Gleeson
11:24pm 22 January 2013

Ok - here is a quick task,

in less than 100 words, please introduce ourselves and what we are interested in designing.


Contribute to the discussion

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