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Mark N: My dream: Learning design project

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Mark Nichols
13 January 2013

Mark Nichols: Transformative learning design for online distance education

Tags: transofrmative learning, transformation, learning design, distance education, online learning, Mezirow

My situation (context)

I work for New Zealand's largest provider of tertiary distance education. We're a very successful institution, with excellent completion rates and high educational standards. Increasingly we are embracing online learning, and have many academic staff already involved in exemplary online facilitation.

Our approach to distance education combines a high level of investment in course materials with highly-qualified and dedicated academic staff.



The change you would like to see (challenge)

What I'd like to see is a well-articulated approach to instructional design that maximises the potential for education to be transformative (see  It would need to be an approach relevant to a broad range of subject areas and levels of achievement. Ideally it will consist of some exemplar approaches that might be transferred across different learning situations.




How you might go about bringing that change

I'd like to develop some examples of how transformative learning might be brought to life across various subjects or topic modules through an online approach. It might involve case studies, online discussion, etc. depending on the situation. I'm interested in kicking around different design possibilities based on real-life teaching and learning situations.




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