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++ Australian ++ STUDY GROUP - anyone interested?

Deadline: 31 March 2013

anyone like to share ideas 'extra project'

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Tony Gleeson
13 January 2013

Might be useful to talk through issues - share technology / solutions and pedagogies.

Can be open to anyone in any place around the world [not just Australia]

Google + or Cloudworks as a space

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Penny Wheeler
7:07pm 15 January 2013

Hi Tony, I'm working between Canberra and Sydney during the course of this MOOC. Are you meshing your project in with the 'Success' project that Fawei Geng has proposed?:

Pauline Porcaro is at RMIT and will be working on this project too (it's sort of a hub (Fawei) or portal and spokes (our particular subprojects, stories of ed tech use) model.

I would be very happy to join this study group. Do you want to propose a time for a quick meetup (by Skype?) at lunch or after work one day this week?

Tony Gleeson
10:49pm 15 January 2013 (Edited 10:54pm 15 January 2013)


Hi Penny,


great that you have joined this study group, early days so far - it would be nice to attract a few more.

For me, the dust has to settle yet on the project/s. My thought was to perhaps create some sort of repository of preferred practice (things that seem to work and are effective for both the facilitator and the student) which is what Fawei I believe is interested in.

My side is to attempt to design a trial of some of the more appropriate and less challenging techniques. Keeping it seemless and motivating is where I want to be.

Perhaps Pauline may also want to join this group.


I also noticed that you are also interested in 'universal design', this is something that I have also delved into a bit and attempt to consolidate. It comes from having my office at JCU between the equity office and the RDLO working with them on a daily basis. That is one reason that I like to find simple and effectivive ways to engage learners, at times selecting media for access rather than show.



Cathy Chen
6:25am 16 January 2013

Hi Tony, I would like to be a part of this study group. I am based in Melbourne (RMIT).
Check out my info at:

Tony Gleeson
3:04am 17 January 2013 (Edited 3:16am 17 January 2013)

Hi Cathy,



Very interesting project that you have.



Gayle Nicholas
9:16am 21 January 2013

Hi Tony,I am also based in Melbourne and working with two of my colleagues to develop a design project - early days yet!  I will invite my colleagues to join this group too.  We have discussed joining with some  local participants to have f2f discussions as well as meeting online.  How do you plan to operate?



Meg Colasante
9:39pm 21 January 2013

Hi Tony,

I'm at RMIT in Melbourne - struggling to keep up with the MOOC but if I stay with it, pls count me in this study group.

Thanks Gayle for the Aussie group tip :-)


Tony Gleeson
11:53pm 21 January 2013

Hi Gayle and Meg,

Great to have your interest and expertise with us in this group.

I am also interested in a f2f meeting if we can agree on a time place ...



Tony Gleeson
11:55pm 21 January 2013

Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas etc that they would like to bring to the study group, any embryonic plans for a design?


Tony Gleeson
12:34am 24 January 2013

QUICK QUIZ for us ...

No one is listening, talking, presenting ideas etc,

Is this because:

(a) too busy

(b) don't know what I want to do

(c) overwealmed by the system learning curve

(d) can't think of a design that is worth pursuing 

(e) lost interest (reason - eg. not what I needed, too much technology, too ambiguous etc.

(f) any others

It would be great to hear from you ...


Cathy Chen
1:49am 24 January 2013 (Edited 2:31am 24 January 2013)

Hi Tony,
I have been trying to organise my thoughts and find a path through all of the information. I have been very easily distracted by following different links/clouds/Google+/twitter. A bit of a learning curve just to navigate some of the social media. So to circumvent this, I decided to print off the 'activities' and some of the recommended resources so I could read through and get  my mind around 'all of this' and to try and make the experience a little less intense  ... i.e. I can't follow links printed on paper. I think that I just needed a little space and time to absorb and reflect - oh, and to re-charge my  batteries before starting what is shaping up to be a very busy new semester!!
In the meantime, I have hooked up with Clare and Helen on their task Today I am checking in and will ascertain what the next steps will be - I think initially I will have a go at writing a Persona & try to check out a couple of scenarios by other groups.
As far as the study group goes - not sure what to do to make it a supportive environment ... suggestions?


Tony Gleeson
12:17am 25 January 2013

Hi Cathy,

thanks for your response, I had a look at the design work from your group - it seems very active - great work



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