Assessment for Foundation Degrees

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Jo Miller
15 January 2009

The assessment in current Foundation Degrees can lead to issues regarding student workload. We over-assess our students in comparison to our competitors.

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Jo Miller
1:39pm 15 January 2009

We should be looking for more imaginative/innovative ways of incorporating into assessment evidence from practice. 


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Audio recording

Jo Miller
1:43pm 15 January 2009

An over-reliance on traditional methods of assessment e.g. TMAs, ECAs. Are there more effective and cost effective methods of assessment and how can they be integrated into FDs?

Lynda Juma
2:31pm 15 January 2009

Some of the workplace environments could make this difficult because of the need to protect children's identity and needing their permission to record the session.  There could also be issues about a session that moved into confidential areas.

Amy Brown
2:49pm 15 January 2009

Over-assessment is  result of everything being course based. If we were to move to award based assessment strong rationale to reduce number of TMAs and also include more formative assessment.

There is concern that students will not complete formative assessment but it could link directly to an ECA or be required to be submitted with the ECA. What do others think? 

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