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Fawei’s dream project: an online environment for peer support and collaborative learning

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Fawei Geng
13 January 2013

When running ICT training courses for university staff I find that successful stories of how their colleagues use the technology often motivate them to learn more effectively. 

My project aims to create an online space where university staff can share their successful stories of using learning technologies in practice.

By sharing their stories, hopefully more university staff can be inspired and encouraged  in making better use of learning technology.

The project also provides opportunities for people who have common interests to team up to help each other.  For example, if a group of people are interested in the same topic/story, I can organise a workshop for them to work together.

It is expected that the project  not only collects a large number of real-life successful stories about how learning technologies are used, but also create a number of sustainable learning communities.

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Art Oglesby
4:23pm 14 January 2013


I am interested in what tools you will use.

At FreeGeekTwinCities we are experimenting with Open Atrium


Fawei Geng
4:56pm 14 January 2013

Hi Art,

I plan to use our VLE - Sakai, a open-sourced platform similar to Moodle.  I would be interested in exploring Open Atrium.



Patricia Gandara De Marshall
7:00pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 7:05pm 16 January 2013)

Hi Fawei and Art,  I am also planning to develop using moodle for our staff at the public university that are teaching in distance education, 

I explored  Open Atrium , that Art suggested, and I have a question, What happened when a professor works in more than one university? can he managed different options of virtual enviroments for collaborative work?


regards, Patricia


Fawei Geng
12:00pm 17 January 2013

Dear Patricia,

I have not had chance to explore Atrium yet.  Here at Oxford we use Sakai, which is like Moodle, a open-source platform.  We can easily add people from other universities into our system to collabrate with Oxford users here.



Graham Storey
11:38pm 22 January 2013

Hello Fawei et al

I hope I'm not too late to join you.  I use Moodle to contribute to online resources created to assist our Assocaite Lecturers with tutoring online via a mix of asynchronous forums and synchronous tutorials/meetings. I aim to reach those who struggle more than others (or at least think they do) with 'life' online so I do like your idea of sharing successful stories which could make the benefits clear to all. I always look at the 'buy in' and thus try to make online activities as simple as they can be with a clear objective.

I see Tony Gleeson's dream project advocates a similiar approach and he has shown an interest here too. We will soon see how many of these projects develop separately, likely to be hundreds but the more the better.

As you suggested I've followed you on twitter but now need to know where the main collaboration will take place. Staying within Cloudworks?

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