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Sarah Fielding
14 January 2013

The first week of this MOOC has given me the distinct feeling of being Alice in Wonderland. There's been a rabbit-hole rush of things to get to grips with (Cloudscape, Google+, Twapper/Hootsuite What?) plus the bustle of activity swirling around me, and some conversations that seem just a step beyond my current understanding. I think fitting this in with the rest of life in the timeframes that we have is going to be tricky for me, especially when my initial attemps to upload/comment on other posts have been unsuccessful. Fortunately a small team of work colleagues are all participating, so we can support each other.

I'm a learning designer and I have a number of current projects that I would love to utilise for my work in this mooc. I'm looking forward to exploring ideas and information with new people. I'm also looking forward to capturing my experiences of the whole process as we start to design and develop our own moocs. As far as this learning journal goes however, I already blog in Wordpress so I'll probably use that instead.


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