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The implications of web 2.0

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Martin Weller
14 April 2008

In this activity students were given an overview of the principles of web 2.0. It was stressed that web 2.0 was both about technology (e.g. using tools such as wikis) and social change, e.g. user generated content. They were then asked to take a course they knew and suggest six changes that would make it more web 2.0. They had to specify three technology and three social ones. They were then asked to reflect on the following: 1.Was it easier to think of technological changes rather than social changes or vice versa? Or were both equal? 2.Was one type of change (social or technological) more significant than another? 3. Do you think the course would be improved by these changes? If so, in what way? 4.Is the type of change merely another step in the evolution of e-learning or is it something more fundamental?

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Kate Tracy
8:41pm 11 April 2010

Sounds fantastic - what was the outcome? How much input was given around the changed learning experience as a consequence of web 2.0? How much did they already know about learning/pedagogy/metacognition? I'd love to hear more about this.

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