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Sue Watling
14 January 2013

Following the instructions at

I have created this cloudscape  - DIY Multimedia for Teaching and Learning (Sue Watling OLDS MOOC) - now I'm advised to create 'an overview cloud in that cloudscape, which presents the team members, the core motivations for the project, the context in which it is situated, and the challenge within that context it aims to address.'

this is the Overview Cloud - 'Add that cloud to this cloudscape' 

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Makoto Inoue
11:45pm 14 January 2013

Hi, Sue.

As mentioned in your blog, I am keen on your project.

Not quite sure where to start, but do you have any reference url about your problem domain? I will try to have a look.



Alice (Xin) Huang
7:45am 15 January 2013

Hi Sue, I am very interested in your project. I am currently working for Open Polytechnic as a Senior Educational Design and doing a lot of DIY mulitmedia work. Can I join your project?



Alice (Xin)

Jonathan Vernon
10:45pm 17 January 2013

I am starting to see the logic behind the planned actions of the OLDS MOOC. I have a position of advantage a) having come out of and still engaged in the creation of corporate e-learning modules b) producing corporate training videos following less involved stages of development - though similar. Here, we get to know the team members of the cloud - it could be six people in the team that creates e-learning (project manager, learning designer, designer - art director, programmer, and script writer and QA), or the three that are core to video (producer, director, writer). Oh, and add one more to each - the client! 

If I'm putting this in the wrong place, apologies. If this is a cloud that I am like an angel new to the experience hopping from one to another. They all look the same right now - white and fluffy.

Don't let the above suggest I'm not a proponent of DIY Multimedia, on the contrary, this is how 'my' industry has flipped over the last decade or more, where one person as cameraperson/editor, and producer/director and writer, can do everything with a digital SLR camera and their PC. The point I will make somewhere along the line is that shoting video might be as easy and cheap as using a stapler, but there are some very simple 'craft skills' that pay off. 

Three decades ago BBC Training did a series of pretty naff videos for directors on how to shoot film. Dead simple basic stuff in relation to a steady camera and shot sizes etc:

Am I going along the right lines?

Sue Watling
2:48pm 18 January 2013

Hi Jonathan

Confusion on where to post is common; it might be worthwhile shifting your comment into the Google Group!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia You raise some interesting points in particular the shift away from a media production industry into to the hands of the individual, like self publishing through ebooks. The key sentence for me is your reference to 'craft skills'  These are exactly the points I want to capture and put across; there is nothing worse than badly shot poorly edited video or audio recordings yet a step by step guide on how to design a multimedia learning object could over come most problems.

Are the BBC Training materials still available on any BBC archive anywhere?



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