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Cathy Chen: My dream: Learning design project proposal.

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Cathy Chen
14 January 2013

Cathy Chen: Professional Development to encourage use of e-learning.
Tags: lifelong learning, graduate capabilities, responsibility, critical thinking, reflective practice,
Fashion Teacher and e-learning leader

Describe the material and social characteristics of the environment in which you operate. Where will your project take place? Who are the main actors involved? Include images, videos, sketches - anything that would help others understand the opportunities and constraints you are dealing with. I teach in RMIT University’s TAFE Fashion department where we are currently in the midst of changing our program to an Associate Degree. Much of the program is based on a traditional teaching paradigm. Program units include: design concepts, drawing, computer aided design, manual and computer pattern making, project studio workshops (incorporating design, pattern making & production of garments), specifications and global logistics.

The change you would like to see (challenge)

What do you hope to achieve? What would be different if you succeed? The changed format of the program creates an opportunity to incorporate new ways of engaging and motivating students (mainly school leavers) to develop the capabilities required for today’s workplace and encourage lifelong learning. However, many of the teachers are lacking confidence and ability in using technology. I would like to develop a professional development unit for teachers that introduces e-learning. Ultimately, I would like them to embrace e-learning. I believe including more e-learning would offer a degree of flexibility and support for students when they are unable to attend. At the same time we need to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.

How you might go about bringing that change

What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how? Constructivist andragogy, mixed in with connectivism.
Videos (for instruction and feedback), Web2 tools (e.g. Pinterest, ScreenJelly), Google drive

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