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Darren Gash: My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal: Redesign of a level 6 mentorship module for blended and online delivery

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Darren Gash
14 January 2013

Darren Gash: Redesign of a level 6 mentorship module for blended and online delivery 

Your situation

The Mentorship module is a 15 credit level 6 module accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and run by Surrey University’s Health and Social Care faculty. The module focuses on mentoring and the enhancement of coaching, assessment and facilitation skills, through a “reflective and supportive approach”. Out of the 150 notional learning, there are 30 taught hours over 5 days, 30 hours practice learning activities and 90 self-directed study/learning. The module runs over a period of 16 weeks, with approximately 60 students per intake and 10 cohorts per year

The VLE has previously been used to distribute course materials. Since Surrey moved over to a new VLE in 2012 (from WebCT to Desire2Learn) materials have not been transferred across and are currently distributed by email.

The programme leaders for the module are keen to transfer the module content across to the new VLE and to develop the module for SurreyLearn to make better use of the technology on offer. This would be initially as a blended offering to be offered from June 2013 onwards, however they would also like to offer a fully online option for students in the future.

The Change you would like to see (challenge)

For me the primary challenge is to redesign the module so that it is blended in the truest sense of the word, i.e. a combination of seamlessly integrated face to face and online activities aligned with the module outcomes. The programme leaders’ initial aim was to simply transfer the course materials across to the new VLE, i.e. use it as a repository for storing materials to support face to face activities only. Adopting a more blended approach is vital as I believe this will be easier to then offer a fully online option that is comparable in terms of experience and outcomes to the blended option, as well as the NMC who will need to validate the online version.

How you might go about bringing that change

What I first need to do is get a more detailed picture of the current offering, e.g. the type of students doing the course (I will ask the programme leaders to provide a couple of user case scenarios), the pedagogical approaches used to deliver course, what works, what doesn’t work, areas they would like to change or improve in particular.  In terms of technology, Desire2Learn has the usual VLE type tools that can be used to support learning, including forums, blogs and an e-portfolio. 

Select this link to see more information about the mentorship module

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