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How to use social learning media to draw diverse stakeholders into a MOOC on sustainability?

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Jeff Waistell
14 January 2013

Hi all, I really want to learn more about the relationship between sustainability and massive open learning. It strikes me that MOOCs provide a great opportunity to draw together diverse stakeholders - e.g. campaigners, companies, universities, etc. - from around the world, to create a huge forum for education, discussion & campaigning. A MOOC is perfect for global discussion of global issues, breaking down barriers between demographic groups, nations and stakeholders - and breaking down barriers between education, campaigning and environmental action.

My question for this study circle is: how can social media be used to draw people into a MOOC on sustainability? It would be great if you could please share your thoughts and join the discussion group. Jeff Waistell, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University

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