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ARGuing Project

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Juliette Culver
15 January 2009

Project about using ARGs within language education led by Professor Thomas M Connolly.

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From the project info:

The project has created a number of resources that are available online, these include:

  1. A re-usable game platform (on a Moodle platform) that includes multiple languages - you can view inside the platform by sending an email to me. Please place in the subject line of the email – TofB platform
  2. A project website with additional information . On the website are papers to download including:
    1. A methodology to make and use Alternate Reality Games in education
    2. A set of case studies of other ARGs and serious games with empirical evidence of results
    3. A set of use case scenarios that show examples of how ARGs could be used for other subjects or cross-subjects
    4. An online teacher training course to enable educators to use the ARG the project produced
    5. Summaries of papers on the pedagogy, evaluation and the technology employed. (full papers are available in the conference proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Games Based Learning )

Juliette Culver
13:52 on 4 November 2009 (Edited 16:05 on 5 November 2009)

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Simon Brookes
4:03pm 5 November 2009

Hi you might be interested to read my recent blog post which is essentially a poster I delivered on ARGs for teaching enterprise education.



Juliette Culver
4:07pm 5 November 2009

Hi Simon,

I actually saw that blog post the other day and thought that we ought to have a cloud here about that project - would you be happy to create one and add it to the ARGs in Education cloudscape?


Simon Brookes
4:08pm 5 November 2009

I was just trying to work out how to do that as your message popped up Juliette :)


Simon Brookes
4:15pm 5 November 2009

cant seem to add to the cloudscape though.



Juliette Culver
4:43pm 5 November 2009

Ah, the cloudscape wasn't set up so other people could add clouds to it - oops! Have changed that and also added it.

Should have set things up now so your comments won't get moderated too - sorry about that, the spam prevention system that we use goes on mad rampages occasionally...

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