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Isabelle Martin-Fernandes
14 January 2013


My name is Isabelle Martin-Fernandes. Now I live in Portugal and I teach French and Spanish for Portuguese Students in Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies.

I have a master's degree in pedagogy of elearning . My thesis was on content analysis in the discussion forum on Moodle platform. The greatest interest was to see the level of deepening students' learning indoors LMS. My conclusion would open doors to see what is happening outside the LMS suspecting another space where learning.

Now, I’m a PhD student at Universidade Aberta (Distance Education and E-learning), Open University of Lisbon, Portugal.

I'm interesting in measuring quantitative and qualitive learning outside the LMS. As a member of an institution of higher education, I know that we have to find a compromise LMS-Social network for our students.

I am responsible for the development of pedagogical platform moodle for training teachers in the use of the platform and helpdesk.

As a teacher, my interests are teaching foreign languages, French and Spanish to Portuguese students and  development of self-learning Resource Centre with support.

As a fanatic, I created chocolates online course and a Spanish module level (A1) for foreigners. I'm interested in building more courses related to gastronomy.
I'm developing a project online guide for tourists in Lisbon.

I'm speaking French, Spanish and Portuguese and I apologize for butchering the language across the channel. J



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