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Siglinde: My dream: Sign language MOOCs

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Siglinde Pape
14 January 2013

why sign language MOOCs?

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Siglinde: Sign language MOOCs

Tags: sign languages - deaf - bilingual education - signing classes - SLEN

Your situation (context)

Describe the material and social characteristics of the environment in which you operate. Where will your project take place? Who are the main actors involved? Include images, videos, sketches - anything that would help others understand the opportunities and constraints you are dealing with. The aim of sign language MOOCs is to reach the community of sign language users worldwide. Often, deaf students are scattered and alone in their university. Yet, in every country they meet the same kind of difficulties and could profit from the same (mutualized) solutions.
Sign language MOOCs (SL-MOOCs) would also provide an international place for socialization among Deaf and CODA students.

The change you would like to see (challenge)

What do you hope to achieve? What would be different if you succeed? Start a pilot project with a small offer of bilingual SL-MOOC. In case of success, try a plurilingual MOOC with different sign & written languages and international signs. Dissemination of these course offers in as many universities as possible and diversification of the subjects, in order to give deaf students a broader choice of course options.

How you might go about bringing that change

What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how? - cMOOC, visual and written communication, prevalence of video (alternative to wiki, blog or forum-based MOOC?).
- interaction between SL-MOOC and sign language universities.

Siglinde Pape
12:32 on 14 January 2013

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Yishay Mor
4:59pm 14 January 2013

Hi Siglinde,

In the google doc you embedded - you need to share it with "everyone with the url" and then under file "publish to the web".


Siglinde Pape
5:52pm 14 January 2013

thank you - this helped!

the share status was ok, but I missed the "publish to the web"-step...

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