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A dream project -support staff in using learning technologies by peer support and collaborative learning

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Fawei Geng
14 January 2013

I advise and support university staff in using learning technologies at Oxford.  

My project aims to create an online space where university staff can share their successful stories of using learning technologies in practice.

By sharing their stories, hopefully more university staff can be inspired and encouraged in making better use of learning technology.

The project also provides opportunities for people who have common interests to team up to help each other.  For example, if a group of people are interested in the same topic/story, I can organise a workshop for them to work together.

If this sounds interesting, please join in.

All the best


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Penny Wheeler
11:39am 15 January 2013

Fawei, would you like to add me to this project? - and could accessibility be one of the success stories?

Fawei Geng
11:44am 15 January 2013

Yes, i would be delighted to add you in. 


Mitja Podreka
1:14pm 15 January 2013

Hi Fawei,

I'm interested in collaborating in this team, since this is practicaly my "dream" too.

Fawei Geng
1:45pm 15 January 2013

Welcome aboard, I will add you to the team cloudscape.


Patricia Gandara De Marshall
8:10pm 16 January 2013

Hi Faweig, I am interested in being part of this project.

I am planing to design a web site for our profesors at our departament at the university, 

Hope it is ok with you, this is my first experience with mooc, so its a learning experience for me, 

Patricia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Terry Di Paolo
10:41pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 10:42pm 16 January 2013)

Hi Fawei

I'd be interested in your project - it has resonances with what I've been thinking about

I like the idea of sharing stories...I think this really can help faculty overcome issues around "how does this apply to what I want to do?"

One of the things I'm also interested in is the way in the online experience relates to the qualification beyond just the experience on a particular module or course (I know this territory fraught for misunderstandings as qualifications, programmes, courses and modules can be used in different ways).



Tay Hwee Shan
3:55am 17 January 2013

Hi Fawei,

I am from Singapore and my team in a government agency deals with learning technologies. My organisation is still currently in the stage of early adoption of these technologies, and this project sounds very interesting and relevant to what I am doing. I'd be grateful for an opportunity to join in the discussion here.

Just a little background of myself - I'm a fresh College grad from a technical background (focusing on HCI). Since I'm new to the professional world and to learning design, I may or may not have much to bring to the table, but I'm interested to follow the discussion and learn from all of you.



Fawei Geng
12:08pm 17 January 2013

 Dear Patricia,Terry, and HweenShan,

i am glad that you all like my project. 

Let's keep the coversation going.  We can carry on discussing and sharing ideas here.  I can also add you all the a Google group and Google+  so that we can keep in touch even after this MOOC course.  If you want to have quick response, contact me on Twitter @oxford4learning as I check it very regularly.

Happy MOOC and happy learning



Kate Miller
5:23pm 24 January 2013


This is a big part of my dream too. I am developing a blended programme in community Learning and Participation that jsut started this year. I am hoping to help staff and student develop their online practices to create a more engaged community of learners.

regard Kate

Fawei Geng
11:56am 28 January 2013

Hi Kate,

Thank you for being interested in the project.  I had to take one-week off last week.  Hopefully I can catch up with the course mates this week.  If you like, let's keep in touch either here or via Twitter @oxford4learning to carry on the coverstaions.

All the best


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