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Digilit study circle

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Jane Challinor
14 January 2013

we may all have slightly different foci but hey - let's get digital together and try to work this out :)

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To avoid duplication it may be best to continue this conversation over on Art's Digital Literacy Team cloud.


Jane Challinor
19:33 on 16 January 2013 (Edited 19:33 on 16 January 2013)

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caroline kuhn
2:46pm 14 January 2013

Hi jane!

I agree with you lets get together and work as a team in how to foster or develop digital literacy in our students. Although the target students may be different, but I think it will work out. How can we get together, all the members or this group and chat or write to see what are the next steps?

Helen Crump
2:53pm 14 January 2013

I agree that is the way to go

Thanks for starting  this Digilit study circle, Jane


Joe Nicholls
5:38pm 14 January 2013

The more the merrier :-)

Although I usually say the development of digital literacy is my focus, in truth I struggle to tease it apart from the broader spectrum of learning literacies. I'm unable to consider it separately from other important forms of literacy such as information literacies and academic literacies. They're all closely coupled in my mind. To develop one area you need to do so hand-in-hand with developing the other kinds of knowledge skill. Does it make sense to focus on what's required to develop digital literacies to the exclusion of the rest of the spectrum? Or would doing so just complicate and confuse things further?

Grateful for any insight that helps me build a clearer picture.


Helen Crump
11:08pm 14 January 2013

Hello Joe, Caroline & Jane

Generally speaking, I use the term digital literacy to state where my interest lies but for a more accurate representation of my proclivities I use the term digital literacies. Digital literacy denotes a skills or competence orientation whereas digital literacies points to literacy as a social practice. That is, literacy means different things to different people and consequently what counts as literacy is dependant on context.

Yes, I too am unable to consider the term digital literacy without considering the other literacies that it encompasses: information literacy, media/social media literacy, ICT literacy, web literacy, academic literacy. What's more, the term itself "digital literacy" seems to get used with heavy emphasis on the literacy part as comptent use of digital tools and technologies. There is absolutely no acknowledgment of the texts (the reading & writing bit of literacy) that these technologies and tools produce or the meanings that people make of them. Here, I like the work of Mary Lee (OU) in this regard - Reclaiming literacies: competing textual practices in a digital higher education

Discussing the term "digital literacy" is very interesting, and may be this is a nice place to help clarify our thinking on the topic as well as thinking  about how to design meaningful learning for the people we have in mind. After all, literacy is a person.

caroline kuhn
1:30am 15 January 2013

Here is a very interesting paper about this fuzzy definitions. Tomorrow I will post some ideas about it. For now I live the link : The MUPPLE Competence Continuum ( 

P.D: I dont know what happens with the link button, but I can not insert the address. A inactive box opens where I can do anything. Some help?

Simon Walker
7:42am 15 January 2013

Dear Digilit Study Circle colleagues, we have a ning site at dedicated to DL transition in HE. It has chat and forum, etc, and a large existing community that may be drawn into the debates,, so it might be a good place to meet up to discuss ideas, etc. Simon

Helen Crump
9:36am 15 January 2013

Hello Simon

This seems like a very good idea. Would we need to form a group within the site?


Helen Crump
9:59am 15 January 2013

Hello All

Now I'm wondering if we might run the risk of discussing the debate surrounding "Digital Literacy" rather than focussing on learning design. Thoughts anyone??


Sandie Gay
10:05am 15 January 2013

Hi all

I would like to join you in this study circle.  It seems that the definition and range is very wide and open so it would be helpful to discuss, learn and work towards a better understanding and clarity - as well as determining how doing this can ultimately help learners and learning design.



Joshua Underwood
10:08am 15 January 2013

Hi all,

Did you see these oldsmooc project virtual world ideas? Maybe using virtual worlds to explore and learn future dig lits?


Katharine Reedy
11:46am 15 January 2013 (Edited 3:11pm 15 January 2013)

Hello - a bit belated but I would also like to join you in this study circle. I've met some of you wandering around Cloudworks and Google groups already.

By the way, I acknowledge and agree with your points Helen - it's something we grappled with when developing the OU Digital and information literacy framework. When articulating competences in a framework it's quite hard to avoid the skills-based digital literacy approach, but we have wanted to emphasise the social, collaborative, communicative and critical thinking aspects of DL too. You might all be able to offer some feedback on how far we've succeeded and how useful the Framework is as a tool.


Fiona Durham
1:04pm 15 January 2013

Hi, I'm a colleague of Katharine's and would like to join this study circle.  It's part of my remit to integrate digital and information literacy into OU modules so I would appreciate standing back a bit from the day job to think about the actual educational design.

best wishes,



Jessie Chuang
5:17pm 15 January 2013

Digital literacy could be thought from many prespectives.

I would like to learn from you all, how do I "join" this study group? (not fully confident in couldworks yet)

I am developing an eCourse for educators, and watering our garden everyday :

Appreciate the contributors for this group!

Jane Challinor
10:58pm 15 January 2013

Great to hear from so many people interested in this area - lots of great links being shared too :-)

Joe Nicholls
5:18pm 16 January 2013

First and foremost I'm here to explore and discuss curriculum design. Second to that, I'm interested in discussing its application for designing learning opportunities to facilitate the development of digital literacies. I suppose I'm not really fussed where the conversation takes place, either here or the Ning as Simon suggests, but we need to encourage everyone with an shared interest in these areas to do likewise. As Simon says the NIng might enable us to engage with a wider audience (although with a primary interest in digital literacy), but I must admit to having some trepidation about stepping outside of Cloudworks because we run the risk of fragmenting discussions. There will undoubtedly be with references to things being done or discussed that reside in Cloudworks and that folk registered on the Ning won't have straightforward link access to. As it happens, I'm already registered on the DLINHE Ning, so happy to play along.

Also, just to point out...

Since these proposed study groups -

Digital Literacy Team Cloud -
Digilit study circle -

have the same focus, would it make sense for them to join and close down/remove the redundant Cloud?


Jane Challinor
7:28pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 7:30pm 16 January 2013)

Hi Joe

I am more than happy to close this down.

Not sure how - but if anyone arives here, please redirect to : - also known as 

Art's Digital Literacy Team Cloud

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