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Non-higher education/community learning

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Leah Hackleman-Good
14 January 2013

My project is outside of higher educationand is focused on community-based users. It's not appropriate for anyone to actually *help* me with this ('cause I'm getting paid), but I would like a study circle to discuss OLDSMOOC resources and readings with a group of other participants who might also be interested in learning design outside of traditional academia. I'm learning this clouds stuff but am more comfortable with other tools such as blogs (coordinated via a Netvibes dashboard, for instance).

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Peter Cheer
8:03am 18 January 2013

Leah, like you I am not a big fan of Cloudworks based on my experience so far.... perhaps it is how this MOOC is using it, perhaps it will get better with practise. At the moment I find it hard to navigate, difficult to visualise and hard to search effectively. This might partly be because of my background in IT, programming and systems engineering which puts a high value on structure and logic but at the moment Cloudworks is failing my number one test of any tool.... does it make my life easier?



Dan McCaffrey
11:45am 22 January 2013

Hi Leah/Peter-


Agree re Cloudwors, it's a diffuse environent without to my mind a clear navigable structure; I'm not an IT slouch and well used to diverse systems but  this makes it very difficult to get around and track your progress/activity etc.

Anyway, I'm part of a loose "group" attempting to use participation in this exercise to develop a toolkit for good practice in online Learning Design outside of HE environments (my MOOC-mate and I are both employed to support the development of Technology in the FE and Skills sectors). Sounds like we could ahve some decent synergies, we've set up a  Dropbox folder presently to accommodate documentation and research etc, please look us up in "Study Circles" on Cloudworks for the link: "FE and Skills Online Learning Design"

Hopefully we can be useful to each other!

Cheers, Dan

Sancha de Burca
4:42pm 22 January 2013

Hello Leah, Peter and Dan,

Are you setting up a study group? If so please may I join you? While I do my main work in HE, in MOOC terms I'm undertaking a project around what I call "below HE level" - access to graphic design for beginners and homeschoolers, as well as returners to education who want to build portfolios. I don't mind niot working on the project together but I too would like people to discuss things with. I am in another study group but there's not a lot going on there!



Leah Hackleman-Good
7:44pm 24 January 2013

I apologize; I haven't been very active of late because I needed to do some work that has required a bit of time. I run my own business, so every hour I'm not on a paying project...I don't get paid. Also, I haven't yet followed up with Dan's Dropbox folder to see what's there. Grph. 


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