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Stephen Bright Project Team Cloud - Online Course Design Basics

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Stephen Bright
14 January 2013

Project Outline:

Design a short online course to give University lecturers an experience of being an online student as well as introducing them to some basics of online course design and learning activities design using Moodle, Panopto and one or two 'open' tools such as Vialogues and 

If this of interest and you would like to participate in this project please comment below.

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john couperthwaite
9:57am 15 January 2013

Hi Stephen. I am very interested in joining this group. My University will shortly be announcing a new VLE, after almost 10yrs of WebCT. I am therefore very keen to develop training courses and other resources to assist staff with both understanding the potential of a new VLE and also changing their mindset about engaging student learning, beyond the traditional 'drop it in the vle' mentality. Myself and others are also playing with ideas around active learning exercises using online tools to immerse staff in a blended / distance learning perspective.

Stephen Bright
10:06pm 15 January 2013

John - sounds good. I would really appreciate your input and any of your colleagues from the University of Birmingham (or other places) who want to be involved. I will wait one more day to see if there are any other interested parties and then set up a separate cloudscape for the project that all participants can have admin access to - my understanding (I may be wrong) is that this page is a cloud so only has one editor? 

Raewyn Heta
1:51am 16 January 2013

Kia ora Stephen

I'd be keen to join in on your project. I'm not familiar with Panopto and Vialogues but I guess that's what the course is all about. Look forward to getting's out of my comfort zone and I'm finding keeping track of all the digital technology options challenging but really keen to learn by doing!

Nga mihi


Stephen Bright
2:30am 16 January 2013

Kia ora Rae - you are most welcome. I will set up a cloudscape tomorrow and give you and John editing access to it so we can use that area for the planning and development part of the MOOC. 

Ka kite


Sara Hammer
9:01am 16 January 2013

Hi Stephen,

I'd be really interested in joining your project, as we will be designing a similar course here at USQ in the near future. It would be great to get a global view on this!

We use Moodle also, although like Rae, I am unfamiliar with Panopto and Vialogues...but likewise, always keen to learn more.

Hi also to John, and Kia ora to Rae.

Cheers, Sara

john couperthwaite
9:47am 16 January 2013

This will be fun!

Greetings  Sara, Kia ora Rae.

Dan McCaffrey
11:32am 17 January 2013

Hi There-

Not sure if you've seen our proposal, but there are certianly synegies; I think it would be instructive to sit within the same "Study Circle" if that was possible.  I note your project is mainly focused on HE-We're looking into ways in which concepts and theories of Learning Design can be articulated to pracitioners in the FE and Skills sectors by;

1-Providing an "evidence base" for engagement with these issues; Obviously in FE and Skills research is not considered a priority, if at all, so teachers will be largely unfamiliar with present thinking in these areas. We need to demonstrate the value of engagement with these considerations.

2-Whilst there is a wealth of literature derived from HE research, again, lack of familiarity with the concepts means that often these writings appear rather arcane to sectors without historic engagement. We are therefore also looking to re-contextualise LD protocols in languages and formats cognate with the requirements of these sectors.

Certainly we'd be interested in involvig your project with our study circle if you'd be interested...

Cheers, Dan 

Stephen Wheeler
1:43pm 17 January 2013

Hi Stephen,

I'd be keen to join this project team.

I'm catching-up a little but I hope to be up to speed soon.

Your project has certain synergies to what I want to do.

I'm working with a course team to re-desing an existing course for the online environment, specifically our institutuional VLE (Blackboard, unfortunately) and I need to introduce them the concept of course design.


Stephen Bright
9:48pm 17 January 2013

Most welcome Steve. Would be really good to have your input (even if you do have to contextualise it to Blackboard). I've added you as an admin user to this Cloudscape: Stephen Bright: Online course design basics project study circle which means you should be able to post new clouds in that cloudscape as well as comment as well as post in the one cloud currently in this cloudscape - Online course design basics - course development space



Stephen Bright
3:27am 18 January 2013

Just a 'heads-up' to everyone that I am away travelling over the weekend and early next week probably without internet connection so may not be active on the MOOC till about Tuesday next next week. 



Stephen Bright
1:44am 22 January 2013

Kia ora (greetings) all - I'm back from my 'family do' which was great - 26 family members getting together for Sunday lunch. I've had a go at making a 'persona' in the course development space - you are welcome to:

try making your own persona more closely related to your context so we can see what themes we might have in common


add to/modify the perseona I've made


do something else with the persona concept which helps the design process

here are the links to:

the persona information page

the personal card you can copy and then paste into the Cloud comment box if you wish to make your own persona

The Course Development Space - persona you should post any contribution to: 

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