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OLDS MOOC in the Big Smoke

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David Jennings
14 January 2013

So maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick with the Study Circles, or maybe this has already been posted in another cloudscape, but surely we should have at least one London meetup for the course, shouldn't we? I would have thought the only question is whether we want to do one in the centre of town or divide into north/south of the river etc. Or is everyone sticking with their colleagues in their HE institutions? If so, that's me scuppered because I'm not in one.

Anyway, please comment/favourite/do as you will if you'd be interested in meeting for a coffee or something stronger a few times during the course.

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Yishay Mor
1:15am 15 January 2013

Hi David! great idea. hope other join this circle. how will you arrange the meetings?

David Jennings
7:04am 15 January 2013

Let's see how many people we have, so we can get a  feel for how complex the arranging is going to be. I guess is possible, if there's a free option. Otherwise just doodle etc 

Clem WIlkinson
10:35am 15 January 2013

Hi David,

I am wondering if there might be a few people going into London for BETT2013 or LT13 at the end of January?. This doesn't mean that they will have lots of free time per se but, lunch, coffee or a pub afterwards, might be an option. Maybe stick an OLDS MOOC logo on the Lanyard.

Makoto Inoue
4:15pm 15 January 2013 (Edited 4:15pm 15 January 2013)

Hi, David. 

I also posted similar London meetup here, but happy to join your meetup.


David Jennings
7:02pm 15 January 2013

Hi Clem,

I'm not going to BETT or LT myself, but don't let that stop you and others organising something.

Hi Makoto,

Thanks for making the link - I've also replied to your google groups message.


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