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Cicero Mukes: My Dream: Self Directed/Exploratory Learning in a various environments.

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Cicero Mukes
14 January 2013

Today, most of the corporate learning I'm involved with is either elearning, virtual classroom, or face-to-face classroom. I'd like to blend in real self-directed/exploratory learning into those environments. Today it is rigid. I'd like to develop a framework or prototype that allows for flexibility in allowing the student to guide his or her learning, complete the training in the recommended time frame, and perform the necessary tasks with the expected proficiency or better.

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Frances Deepwell
11:16pm 14 January 2013

Hi Cicero, 

I am intrigued by the sound of your project and would be interested to hear more. i wonder if the flexibility you talk about can be applied in realising my 'dream' which is specifically for an online training module, or 'toolkit' in academic advising? In my case, the students taking the course will be experienced professionals who will feel they already know quite a lot about the area and may have years of experience in performing the role already - so I really like your notion of engaging them with exploratory learning. 


Ann Davis
2:52pm 19 January 2013

I like this idea because it tends to make students efficient  at locating information.  I'm thinking some items they would have to locate same day, while others could be during the week.  I think it would be good for students to document when and how they found the information they were seeking.  Some tasks could be done on their own, and some with others. Arrange for call-in sessions where the students could ask questions or discuss what they have done.  A student can say "I looked in location A,B, and D" and the teach could say it is not in any of those locations, or it is in one of those locations, go back and check again.  That way they are not giving them an exact answer.

To make things fun, have a weekly puzzle, as students locate the information for the various assigned items during the week, award them with a piece of the puzzle or provide them with some sort of clue.

Ann Davis
7:12pm 19 January 2013 (Edited 7:47pm 19 January 2013)

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