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[Makoto] My dream: Benkyo Player: Online caption search and note sharing

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Makoto Inoue
14 January 2013

While taking coursera's course, I found that searching content from tons of videos (each course has 50~70 videos), is such a night mare. Also, you can not book mark specific timestamp of the video. Luckily, their transcripts were downloadable, so my friend and I created a caption search and note sharing site, called Benkyo Player . 

I currently put content only I personally study, or materials I teach. 

My dream is to make my site more useful, and scalable, so it's easier for students to participate multiple MOOC services, while teachers could use the site as a analytics for students behavior (eg: which keyword students search which part of the video students stumble upon). 




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Sue Watling
2:22pm 15 January 2013

Hello Makoto

I’ve set up a DIY Multimedia for Teaching and Learning Google Group at!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia

And posted on Monday’s task Learning design brainstorm inviting DIY Multimedia members to describe their own thoughts on learning design.

Please feel free to add a few thoughts on how you all approach learning design.

Also how are you all finding the MOOC? So far for me the Massiveness has been a bit overwhelming. I’m hoping once we are all in the same place then collaboration and communication may get a little easier! 


Makoto Inoue
4:28pm 15 January 2013

Hi, Sue.

Thank you for the comment. I just joined the google group.

Regarding the MOOC, I've joined similar course before and that's where I did initial design of Benkyo Player ( Their site is tailor made for the course, so it's easier to folow where as cloudworks seems more generic knowledge sharing tool, so I find it hard to figure out the flow and structure (also jumping across multiple tools is very confusing). Hopefully I get used to it. 


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