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Assisting teaching staff through PD to adopt a flipped classroom approach in new learning spaces - Pauline Porcaro

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Pauline Porcaro
14 January 2013

I work in academic development at RMIT in Melbourne. We have recently moved into a new building, consisting entirely of learning spaces. Some teaching staff have embraced the move, others are reluctant to move from traditional teaching styles. My challenge this year is to coerce this move through a range of PD. THE CHALLENGE - for teaching staff to adopt a flipped classroom approach in our NGLS. HOPES - to inspire and motivate teaching staff to experiment with the flipped classroom approach in order to engage students and increase their learning. HOW - to develop a series of inspirational PD sessions both online and f2f The PEDAGOGY - I hope to develop some experiential learning opportunities where teaching staff will be immersed in the chosen pedagogy and experience it first hand. The TECHNOLOGY - this is open to discussion but perhaps a WIki to share stories, PebblePad e portfolios for reflections, Collaborate for online synchronous learning

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