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Finding a study circle?

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Frances Deepwell
15 January 2013

I've just spent a couple of hours browsing the mooc postings, looking for iikely study buddies/circle mates. As others have said, this is a bit like selection of a sports team, and the question is whether I'll be the captain, going out selecting or will be a team member waiting to be picked. I note that some of the mooc participants are 'selling' their offer in their responses. Is this how it is best done?

At first I was in cloudworks - flitting hither and thither and then not able to find my way back again because I'd not left a trail and there doesn't seem to be a search mechanism. I then noticed references to google, and remembered that there's a whole lot of other activity in the googlegroup - so off I went there and found some handy references on transformational online learning design by George Veletsianos at - Wilson, B., Parrish, P., & Veletsianos, G. (2008). Raising the bar for instructional outcomes: Towards transformative learning experiences. Educational Technology, 48(3), 39-44.
Veletsianos, G. (2011). Designing Opportunities for Transformation with Emerging Technologies. Educational Technology, 51(2), 41-46.

All very interesting, but what am I learning in relation to my project here? I'm certainly not yet in a study circle and week 1 is nearly over!

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