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My reflection: What do I want to learn here in the mooc?

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Frances Deepwell
15 January 2013

I am in this mooc to reinforce my knowledge about learning design through achieving a short project, which is a learning design task. I'm fascinated to see whether I can learn through the medium of a mooc, and whether it can inspire me to change my own digital literacy practices as an educational developer. However, the learning material for my project is not technology, nor is the course I am planning intended to be a mooc. The technology and the learning design are my tools to achieve the learning, which needs to be as user friendly and engaging as possible because of the intended audience, who may not be very technically adept. In this, I somehow feel different from many other participants, or at least the ones I've read. Not all, but many of the projects seem to be about courses in the technologies and their use, either about digital literacy, online teaching or moocs themselves. Maybe this is inevitable, because of the type of learner that is attracted to, or heard about, this course. Maybe there are many other project ideas out there, but the contributors have not thought to link them to the Dreambazaar - it's a bit scary thinking about how many clouds might be posted up but without tags or cloudscapes to link to are just out there in the ether...

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