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Penny Bentley's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal

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Penny Bentley
15 January 2013


My comment here has already been posted in the Google Group Discussion. Having just returned from my summer holiday on a beautiful Australian beach, I feel a little behind already. I'm Penny, an Australian secondary maths and science teacher. After 23 years I'm no longer teaching in a traditional classroom but have become interested in online teaching and learning. I've done a number of online courses and my experiences varied enormously. One of my goals for 2013 is gain more skills, knowledge and experience of teaching online....that's why I'm here, to learn how it can be done properly and to come away with something I can deliver. So, that's my motivation for participating in #oldsmooc, now on to the other questions. I've also done a "traditional" course in this area and I'd say my motivation was the same as participating here. I'm a teacher by profession and have discovered that I love the design aspect of online teaching and learning. Roles are changing...can I work in this field without re qualifying as an "Instructional Designer"? At the moment I'm learning all I can, any way I can....I'd love employment in this area though :) Re completion, yes. When I begin something I like to follow through and finish it to the best of my ability. As for certification...what I need is recognition by my Institute of Teaching that what I'm doing is appropriate ongoing professional development. I have certain criteria to be met before I apply for re-registration later this year. So whether it's a digital certificate, badge or acknowledgment in some other format, recognition of my learning is important for me...not so much a formal qualification. I guess it's more informal. As a result of completing this MOOC I hope to gain more skills, knowledge and experience of online teaching. I'd like to develop this in the context of delivering professional development to teachers or mentoring pre service teachers. I'm currently involved in a research project at Victoria University, Melbourne, looking into the relationships between pre service teachers and their mentors. Cheers Penny

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Along with using this Learning Journal I will be posting on my blog.

Penny Bentley
06:32 on 18 January 2013 (Edited 06:41 on 18 January 2013)


This week I hope to. - understand how the MOOC operates - set up my workflow on desktop computer and iPad - connect with other participants - work my way through the activities - watch the introductory video - think about and decide on a project How do I know if I've achieved this? - once I get the "big picture" - when I'm satisfied that I'm covering all aspects of the MOOC in the best way possible - the notifications will start rolling in - tick them off the checklist - done - once I stop changing my mind, have connected with someone and settled on a project title.

Penny Bentley
06:39 on 18 January 2013 (Edited 06:39 on 18 January 2013)


Posted on my blog

Penny Bentley
12:49 on 18 January 2013


 Week 2 is over, but here's what I'd planned:

  • to go in search of project collaborators
  • to get my head around the Contextual Learning Design Approaches of personas, force maps in scenarios, and the Ecology of Resources design framework. 
  • I was also keen to have a look at he applications of Scientific Inquiry is design planning
  • something needs to give, to plan my OLDS journey around my life rather than the other way around
  • think about other was of presenting information on Clodworks...too much text
  • get on with more thinking and less social chit chat
  • think more about context
  • My interests in delivering online learning to students overlap in 2 Google groups which I have joined.
  • OLDS MOOC webinar study group group
  • OLDS MOOC school study group
  • I set up a Wikispaces wiki for the OLDS MOOC webinar study group to centralise the project. Progress has already been made collecting information in this space.
  • Enjoyed chatting to +Morten Mosgaard  about projects in Blackboard Collaborate today -15 degrees in Sweden +30 degrees in Australia. 
  • Had fun in the Converge Session, reflected briefly in the Google Discussion Forum and still want to blog about all of this. Maybe tomorrow. 
Oh yes, having being a fish in last-night's fishbowl I was delighted (and relieved) not to have been swallowed up by those higher up in the food chain of education :)

Connected learning is a level playing field, a context for learning many around the globe will benefit from. 

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Penny Bentley
11:10 on 24 January 2013 (Edited 11:29 on 24 January 2013)


Penny Bentley
11:10 on 24 January 2013 (Edited 11:11 on 24 January 2013)

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This Time Last Week

This Time Last Week

added by Penny Bentley


Patricia Gandara De Marshall
3:52pm 22 January 2013

Hi Penny, Congratulations for your participation in todays convergense session, it was very clear and reflect exactly my sensations being in this mooc and trying to learn, collaborate with others, I am reading and I think that I would like to share more with you about your "tango" expression, so if you can explain a little more about it, I would appreciate.

Again, thank your for your participation in the session, it is an inspiration for "my tango learning experience"

Regards, Patricia  (from Buenos Aires,Argentina)




Penny Bentley
10:14am 24 January 2013

Hi Patricia

My apologies for not responding sooner, I've only just come across your comment. Thank you for your kind words...I was nervous. 

Here is the article I referred to, it talks about the connections and inter-relatedness between content, pedagogy and technology. I enjoy analogies, like examples, they help me understand difficult concepts.

If you are interested in TPACK, here is the website.

I'm more likely to find messages on facebook or twitter Patricia...are you over there? 

Chat soon


Patricia Gandara De Marshall
4:01pm 28 January 2013

Hi Penny, thank you for your answer, I will try the Tpack, I started to explore the Answer Garden that I see you have in facebook.

I think that I started to hear the Piazzola tango music in this mooc¡¡ hope to continue exploring it, the facebook group is helping.

Keep in touch, Patricia


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