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Penny Bentley
15 January 2013

Does anyone know how to send an RSS feed from the Google Group Discussion Forum to Google Reader?

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Cathy Chen
2:22pm 19 January 2013

Hi Penny, just had a look at the Google reader help page. This might help you:

Thanks for invite to Google+ - not sure I want to sign up for it, but happy to keep in touch through email: 
or twitter: @ca73y
from fellow Melbournite


Penny Bentley
5:00am 20 January 2013

Thanks Cathy for the RSS information.

If you are a Facebook user we have a Group going over there too. You are welcome to join.

Cathy Chen
7:13am 20 January 2013

OK, don't like facebook (too many bad experiences), so will try Google+.


Joshua Underwood
11:34am 30 January 2013

Penny did you solve the RSS feed from Google Group issue?

I looked previously but everything seemed to be about the 'old' Google groups. I couldn't find the RSS feed for the new Google Groups, certainly not where the documentation suggested I might find it.



Penny Bentley
11:11am 31 January 2013


I've hunterd around a bit and cannot find any RSS feed. It's OK, I've been keeping an eye on the site itself, thanks.


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