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Successful stories of how teachers use learning technologies

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Fawei Geng
15 January 2013

This is just a start.  Your comments and contributions are very welcome  as they can help the ideas grow and develop.

This is an oldsmooc team area where we can discuss successful stories of how teachers use learning technologies in practice.

Projects joined so far:

* Penny's dream: Accessible learning materials:

* Pauline Porcaro: Assisting teaching staff through PD to adopt a flipped classroom approach in new learning spaces

* Mitja Podreka: Moodle Staff Training/Support -

* ? Tony Gleeson OLD MOOC collaboration project -

your project can be added here

Key topics:

* User-centred, peer support and collaborative learning

* Simple, easy and inspiring 

* Motivation and enjoyment 

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Denise Ozdeniz
3:55pm 16 January 2013

Dear Team, You may be interested in my non MOOC blog: EFL through iPads. I teach in a totally paperless environment, using iPads. These are not BYODs, the college issues them to every student on entry and all books etc are online. We create our own books using iBook author, all material in dissmeninated and all work submitted on line. The learning design of the course is still one that we are exploring as we are in the first 6 months of the project and we are trying to see how the connectivity that mlearning affords can shape the way we design teaching and learning interaction. We are trying to avoid using the iPad as an expensive course book by only using it with PDFs etc. I am happy to Skype or have any other form of interaction with this team if I can add value to your group. An interesting snippet of information: we gave reading exams to 2 groups- half on iPads and half on paper. We repeated the process switching the device used to complete the assessment. For my classes 40% did better on iPads, 40% did better on paper, and 20% got the same score on both. Interestingly enough, with the exception of one student, the more successful students were in the 20% group. Only one student got 84% on paper but only 45% on his iPad. My direct email is and I work for the Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi. Best of luck with your quest, Denise

Fawei Geng
11:48am 17 January 2013

Dear Denise,

Thank you for sharing your blog.  The project sounds very interesting.  I am certainly interested in finding out more about it and would be happy to add it to my list. 

in case you are intested , here are a few more links (found on the internet ) on how to use iPad in education : 

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