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From Multi-User Virtual Environment to 3D Virtual Learning Environment

Notes on a paper by Daniel Livingstone (University of the West of Scotland), Jeremy Kemp, Edmund Edgar

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Juliette Culver
16 January 2009

This paper discusses immersive virtual worlds (IVWs) and in particular the use of Sloodle, an integration of Moodle with Second Life.




  • Provides a very brief history of online multi-user virtual worlds
  • Cites work about the support IVW for e-learning
  • Discusses the River City Project and Quest Atlantis on the Active Worlds platform.
  • The former addes a guide, notebook, map and tools to the space for studnets. Cites work by Laurillard about the use of built-in guides and notebooks for structure notetaking to support the use of CD-ROM e-learning resources. Not much information is given about Quest Atlantis.



  • The main part of the paper is about Sloodle an integration of Second Life with Moodle.
  • Originally conceived as 3D 'Virtual Classroom' to allow access to a Moodle course in 3D form.  
  • Discussion about the technical architecture and issues.
  • Further extensions to Sloodle since e.g. Sloodle toolbar and new Moodle assignment type and associated SL object
  • Some features aimed at supporting class and learning management (e.g. recording attendance), others at supporting the learning process itself (e.g. availablity of chat sessions for review)
  • Used online survey to help gauge demand and refine Sloodle requirements. Also got feedback from online project meetings and online forums.
  • More detailed online survey about requirements in late 2007 - 155 people completed.
  • Following survey work on Sloodle collaborative whiteboard began
  • Formal pilot in first few months of 2008 with dedicated course at Discussion of early feedback.
  • Used for Korean students learning English - linked students to those in another country. Significant advantage was ability for student to review discussions later
  • Response indicates real demand
  • Issue of permissions in Moodle - how do these translate to a public space?
  • Integration rather than discrete and separate tools worthwhile

Contact details: ALT-J, Volume 16, Issue 3 September 2008 , pages 139 - 150

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