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Digital Literacy for Young Leaners: Overview

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Arosha K Bandara
15 January 2013

This project will explore the area of learning designed aimed at fostering digital literacy in younger learners.  As a concrete example of a digital technology that is important for younger learners to understand, we will use the Internet of Things (IoT) - in particular the Sense tool kit developed at the OU for teaching IoT concepts in the My Digital Life (TU100) module.

Team Members:

Arosha Bandara

Dan McQuillan

Ronald McIntyre

João Pedro Bourbon

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Ronald Macintyre
8:26pm 16 January 2013

I was thinking through what I might contribute and building on the convergance session and Josh's focus on narrative I wondered if I might create a "use case" or narrative based on my own"ignorant dad" who would like to help his kids learn about coding experiences.

Arosha K Bandara
6:24am 18 January 2013

Ronald, that sounds like a really good idea. I haven't had chance to engage with any of the week 2 activities yet, but hopefully can catch up over the weekend. However, the idea of putting together some scenarios seems like a good way to getting an understanding of the learners' context, motivations, etc.

Ronald Macintyre
1:56pm 19 January 2013

Okay, I will have a go.

Ronald Macintyre
4:37pm 21 January 2013

I tried to create a visulation of what I thought this area looked like and I made it into a cloud with a link to an image in google docs, you ought to be able to see here.

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