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Valentina's OLDS-MOOC learning journal

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Valentina Dodge
15 January 2013

WEEK 1 : Thinking about

  • Flexibility within paced task structures. Week 1 on "courses" often involves a multitide of complexities (range of interests, entry-levels, comfort zones, goal settings, cultural factors) and with a multitude of areas (twitter stream, google docs, cloud-specific discussions, personal cloud creations) contributions seem dispersed. Some confusion is noticeable but with this dispersion (both felt and read) will more insight into "ownership" of learning spaces flow?
  • Personal objectives and reflections vs. input and contributions from other participants. Easy to get carried away by both. Need to find a balance.
  • Clouds and the related terminology (cloud-based environments, cloudworks, cloudscapes, cloudstreams, fishbowl discussions) Happily and safely cloud surfing but need more time!
  • Mulling over learning design principles, ideas, models and narratives and how the multiple context of participants will bring a lot of these to life over the next few weeks. There's uncertaintly, there are many clouds emerging. How will all this re-look, reconfigure and inspire?

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