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Bronwyn Hegarty
15 January 2013

All on my blog.

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Simon Walker
11:01pm 15 January 2013

Hi Bronwyn, you asked about James' article on Learning Design. You can find it via bibsomony but I attach the link here: Let us know what you think. Grainne and I were both contributors.

Paul Rudman
2:19pm 16 January 2013

I completely agree that self directed learning is the ideal, where "...our role is to guide students to develop their own strategies for learning, and to obtain and manage the information they need - access, filter, evaluate and create - and in doing so they will develop the knowledge they need to reach their learning goals".

However, there are two major issues that I think need to be considered:

1) Many students may not have the necessary skills to do this, and these skills are not learned by a 10-minute talk, they need to be practiced over a long period. I would even suggest that some students would never find this form of learning easy.

2) Many students may not want to pay for this type of education - they may expect to be "taught", i.e. shown around the topic, pointed to suitable resources and given tasks shown to generally succeed in generating an understanding of the topic (and thus take their money to "taught" courses).


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